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So a bit about doing HHCG. Some questions people have asked me and my answers. I repeat myself in some answers. I am sorry. If you have questions send me a message on face book. I will reply to you.

1. Where do you get your info from?
1A: YOU MUST READ Simeon's Pounds & Inches booklet(then read it again and again, you miss stuff the first few times). It was written for doctors to help their over weight patients loose weight. So there is a bunch of doctor speak in it but it is all good info. And it includes the diet and the DO'S and DO NOT'S. I follow it exactly the way it was printed and it works. The guy spent his whole life working on a cure for obesity and over 20 years working with HCG there are reasons why he says to do or not to do things. So I trust and obey. Download and read for yourself for free. [This protocol MUST be followed to have great success, messing with it will ruin your results.]

I also printed out this overview for my wife so she could quickly get the gist of the diet and help me.

You will also need people to answer your misc. questions. I joined a great group on yahoo called HcgDieters. It has been around for 4 years and has some very experienced members who are incredibly helpful and full of insight. They have a files section full of info and help. A photos section full of before and after photos of people who have lost tons of weight(very motivating) and a Live chat room to talk to people as well as posting questions and reading info via email. They have close to 20,000 members so you are not alone on your journey. If you subscribe to email updates choose to receive the digest or your inbox will explode with messages. Check out the HCG Diet Group

2. Do I have to do the 2 loading days?
2A. YES, that makes sure your good fat reserves are full and helps with hunger in your first few days. If you are not loaded with fat you will get hungry the first few days. I was hungry on day 3 & 4 towards evening by day 5 it was smooth sailing and has been for weeks. I do have an occasional stomach rumblings. And if i do not eat my protein and can feel weak and dizzy if I go too long.

3. Did you just eat only what was on the protocol and also did you not eat the same protein or fruit twice in the same day. I know they said to vary it, just wanting to do this right and be successful!
3A: here is my fit day page i record everything i eat every day here check it out: FITDAY

I try to eat two different meats, veggies & fruits everyday. But strawberries are n season and I am eating them sometimes 2x a day . I do vary the meat and i think it matters. I can not eat too much beef or i stall. I eat spinach almost everyday for 1 meal. then cucumbers(home made pickles) or celery cooked with my meat for the other. i usually do about 7-10 ounce of celery or cucumbers. I love sweet & sour. So I use apple cider vinegar and stevia and do a lot of sweet and sour stuff. without that I probably wouldn't do as much spinach. I eat a bunch of spinach cause i get cramps a lot and spinach is high in potassium.

I try very hard to stick to protocol. it seems to work best.
HERE IS MY ONLY SIN: i have used and when i say scant i mean scant like 1/2-3/4 an oz of onion with my meat or in my vinegar that i soak my pickle slices in. (so that mixing is a technical no no)
but it so far has not hurt me.

i eat about 5oz of strawberries or 7oz of apple. with no problem.

also if i want a big meal, I will combine spinach, apple & chicken in a dish. or i add celery to my beef and make a sweet & sour dish. celery gives you a lot of food for your $.

early on i was having leg cramps from low potassium, so i looked up the nutritional info on a banana and tried 1/2 a banana cause it looked like it would match the apple. I stalled.
I totally believe the protocol was written for a reason and I plan on sticking to it. I ate crap for 40 years, i can be strict for 80 days.

Cooked tomatoes make me stall.

4. Would you please tell me where you bought your drops?
4A: i ordered:

hCG Homeopathic 12x, 30x, 60x - 2 oz (60 ml)

I bought 2 of them at once.


Healing Power Within via Amazon

Advanced Strength Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss Formula with Amino Acids and Vitamin B6 & B12

kept in the fridge the whole time.

i also strictly followed a crazy regimen of not eating anything for 30 min, taking the drops under my tongue keeping them there for 15 mins then eating or drinking nothing for another 30. i have friends that have done much less time under the tongue but complain of some hunger, I have had none.

5. Do you weigh and record everything?
5A: YES! I make sure i do not go over 500 calories. I use FITDAY.COM

6. How much water should i drink?
6A: Take your weight in pounds, divide by 2. so at 200lbs you should drink 100oz of water a day. a bit more can not hurt. I drink about a quart more than what I need.

7. My weight has not changed for days should i be worried?
7A: Nah! When I first started my weight went down daily for a week or so. Then it started a stepping routine. It would hold for a day or two then drop a few pounds for a day or two. Most recently after day 40 or so It has been holding still for 4-5 days in a row then dropping for a few days then holding. It is slightly frustrating after you see the scale move for days in a row. But if you are following the diet chill it will work.

8. I think the food list is too small and i will get bored.
8A: To be honest I can see how some people might get bored. I like spices and herbs and use a ton of them to change of the flavors. I also love apple cider vinegar which i use with stevia to make a sweet and sour dish. I also used them to make home made pickles. YUM. The HCG diet book on my supply list is a valuable resource.

9. How many drops do you use at a time. My bottle says 6 drops 6 times a day but you said you do it 3 times a day so how many drops do you use at a time.
9A: ah people do it differently, i have heard from 3-6 times a day. I do about 10 drops 3 times a day. First thing when i wake up, then about 30 min after lunch, then before bed. I figured out how much 10 drops was my sucking some up in the tube and then dropping it back into the bottle and counting. now i just eye it up. Some people think spreading it out through the day is better. 3 has worked great for me. but i hold them there for 15 min. and do not put anything else in my mouth for 30 minute after to make sure i have maximum effect. Some people say hold for 1-2min swallow and wait 15. So your mileage may vary. The first few days of holding it for 15 minutes seemed like a chore. Now I forget to swallow them.

10. I have bad, bad breath since starting this diet. It is aweful, is this normal?
10A: This happens to me every day. You are in ketosis so your body is expelling the waste products from using your fat for energy. It expels them in any liquid that leaves your body. So your pee, your sweat and your saliva. I am lucky enough to have all three going for me. My wife loves me.

According to what I have read most american's bodies are very efficient at burning carbs, but when we switch to burning fat or protein it takes a while for our bodies to get used to burning them for energy so in the case of fat lots of people bodies take a while to get used to burning fat for energy and their is waste (ketones). However some people do not experience this. Their bodies are better at burning fat and do not produce waste. Lucky them.

I brush my teeth and gargle with mouth wash 30 mins after I use my drops. So far I have not had any issues with my regular toothpaste or mouthwash keeping me on protocol.

11. Do I need to buy the cookbook?
11A: No, just follow the diet as outlined in the protocol. I have a link for the diet overview that explains it on two pages.

Remember for the first two days you can eat whatever you want while taking your HCG. Eat like a pig. Try to get as much FAT in you as possible. This is called loading eat ice cream and macadamia nuts. Get lots of fat into your body. Do not start the low calorie diet protion (what i have on the overview paper) till at least day 3. So if you just got your drops and you want to get started you can. Start your loading day, you now have 48 hours to read up on the protocol and get ready for the rest of the diet.

For people who get bored with the few ingredients you are allowed to eat, the cook book may help you enjoy the diet more and stick with it. You can find one on my supply list.

12. Did you stop using the product after 40 days (or 35 lbs) as the doctor recommended and wait for 6 weeks before Cycle 2? Curious...your blog does not reflect that you discontinued use after the recommended days for Cycle 1.
12A: NO, I have been a bad boy. :) When Dr. Simeons wrote the protocol and did his clinicals for 20 years on HCG all he had at the time was shots. People still use shots today, but now oral drops are vailable and are actually much, much less potent than the shots are. He noted that around 40 days people get immune to the shots. (immunity can be noted by two symptoms: severe hunger and no weight loss combined)

However since Dr. Simeon's time people in Europe developed the HCG drops and they worked. Since then other people have discovered through trial and error different things about the diet. One of them is that people who take drops do not get immune as fast. There are several accounts of people going 100-120 days with the drops without hitting immunity. I guess I liken this to if Dr. Simeons were alive he probably would have tested this out in his climic and published his finding on it also, but since he isn't others have taken up th experiment.

I have followed two people in the HCG diet group on Yahoo( Check out the HCG Diet Group). Thomasina who went 119 days on oral hcg and lost a good bit of weight 60+ pounds. And I also found Kitty and Steve who did 80 days. This one was of interest to me cause Steve weighed about what I did when he started. I actaully emailed them and asked them questions about their journey. And how they stabalized during phase 3 of the diet after a long phase 2. They did well. So I am expecting the same.

I am currently on day 60 of HHCG and I am doing well, no hunger, and eating about 350-400 calories a day and I am down 67lbs. Crazy. If at anytime I get crazy hungry and I have any signs of immunity I am done, until then I have every plan on going for 100-120 days. At that time I will be done.

So why 40 days? Most people think Simeons saw that people on the shots started hitting immunity so that is why. However, a few people have gone 50 days using shots. Others think that 40 days on with a rest period helps your body to re-shape better and that your flabby skin needs time to firm up and that people that go longer have flabbier skin. Others think that if you go too long that phase 3 of the diet is harder and you have a harder time reseting your hypothalamus if you do phase 2 for more than 40 days. So it is all up for interpretation. From the info I have gathered from asking other people I am taking an educated risk in going past 40. I will let you know how it goes for me.

This is all not to say that the other 6 weeks of the protocol need to be thrown out the window. They are just as important! You need to do Phase 3 for 3 weeks after your complete the HCG portion of the diet. And then move into 3 weeks of phase 4. This is just as important as loosing the weight. It will help to keep it off.

13. What are the 4 phases?
13A: Phase 1 is to do a detox which most people don't do. This was not added by Simeons, but by another guy who named the phases, the names stuck, but the detoxing did not.

Phase 2 starts off with 2-3 days of loading where you gorge yourself on foods with good fat. Surprisingly this really helps with the hunger while in phase 2 and the weight you gained is usually gone in the first 48 hours.
After you have loaded for 2-3 days given your body a chance to store some good fat before the duration of the diet. You then start a "very low calorie diet" aka VLCD of 500 calories. YOu continue this phase for a minimum of 21 days and when you decide to conclude you maintain your low calorie diet for 3 days after you take your last does of HCG. (I think people often mistakenly refer to the first part of phase two as phase one.)

Phase 3 Starts 3 days after you stop taking the HCG. You may now eat anything you please, except sugar and starch. (Gradually increase your calorie intake) You must without fail weigh yourself every morning as you get out of bed, having first emptied your bladder. It takes about 3 weeks before the weight reached at the end of phase 2 becomes stable. During this period sugar, rice, bread, potatoes, pastries, etc, are by far the most dangerous. If no carbohydrates whatsoever are eaten, fats can be indulged in somewhat more liberally and even small quantities of alcohol, such as a glass of wine with meals, does no harm, but as soon as fats and starch are combined things are very liable to get out of hand. This has to be observed very carefully during the first 3 weeks after the treatment. You goal is to stay within 2 pounds of your last HCG dose day. Any fluctuation of the scale outside the 2 pounds and you must do a steak day. On a steak day you entirely skip breakfast and lunch but have plenty of water to drink. In the evening you eat a huge steak with only an apple or a raw tomato.

Phase 4 After atleast 3 weeks of phase 3 and you think your weight has stabalized. You may gradually add starch in small quantities, always controlled by morning weighing. Add one kind of starch a day to see how your body reacts to different ones. Take note of the food that trigger a weight gain and be cautious with them in the future.


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