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DAY#158 - Goodbye Phase 3, Hello Phase 4
Well I have officially graduated from Phase 3 and am now entering Phase 4. What does that mean? it means slowly adding back in more carbs & starches that were omitted in Phase 3 and seeing what my body does with them. My hope is i i maintain my caloric intake and slowly re-introduce carbs I can maintain what I have worked so hard to achieve. Once again time will tell.

Now that Phase 3 is over I will give one last shout out and recommendation for Standard Process Hypothalamus and Pancreatrophin PMG. If you are in Phase 2 I would recommend picking some up for a successful phase 3. I went through Phase 3 with 0 correction/steak days and felt great. I followed the directions on the bottles and did well. My next round of HCG, i will be including them on phase 3. And I am actually planning on taking them for one more month now. I AM SOLD OUT!

So what is my next step now that I am in Phase 4? What food do I miss and want to re-introduce? The answer is Bananas. Yup, I am sticking one in my blender with my protein drink. YUM, bananas, I missed you. And shortly. . . corn. As far as breads & flour go. I have been virtually wheat free for months now and I do plan on continuing that. So i do not see myself rushing off to eat bread anytime soon. I have been happy with my coconut flour muffins and am going to work on some almond flour recipes next.

I also want to say, I am not sure about white sugar anymore and do not have plans on embracing it anytime soon. I actually am really liking stevia and plan on keeping it in my life. I have used it to sweeten my tea, i use 5 liquid droppers of stevia to one gallon of freshly brewed tea. I use it to make, homemade pickles, coconut flour- muffins, mix with strawberries, add to my wilted spinach, a few drops of flavored stevia in water have gotten me through. So my top 4 stevia things in my cupboard.

1. Stevia Glycerite -- this is my newest find. think the best tasting and no after taste like some i have tried. And i think as far as $ per sweetness goes, maybe the best deal.

2. NuStevia Pure White Stevia Extract -- this stuff is potent. you get very little but i goes a long long way. like a few graduals will sweeten anything.

3. Flavored stevias: Liquid Stevia by SweetLeaf -YUM, my favorite of the flavored stevias, i use a few drops in a glass of water for a cream soda flavor to my water. I have also used on my baked apple and on strawberries. I also own chocolate and peppermint and have used them in similar ways. when it came to, I need something with flavor now these have saved me in a pinch. honorable mention goes to: SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia, English Toffee - YUM!

4. Stevita Stevia Supreme Packets --this is stevia mixed with Erythitol(a natural no sugar sweetener derived from fruit) but in sweet-n-low style packets. I keep a box in my car for when I find myself somewhere and need some 'packets' of sweetness for my tea etc. lets face it restaurants don;t cary this stuff so having a back up in my car has saved me from using the yucky stuff. and at a 1.99 it was a good deal.

I have also used a stevia conversion chart to help me figure out how much stevia replaces sugar. I found one at Cooking with stevia and one at both handy resources to use as a rule of thumb when estimating. Always try a bit less, you can always add more.

And finally. . . my top 6 Phase 3 things i did that i think helped me.

1. I ate a majority of my calories for breakfast and lunch. I kept supper on the lite side.

2. I did not eat after supper, most times this meant not consuming food from 7pm-8am most days. MY goal is to have this become a habit.

3. I did not gorge myself on my new foods. I tried to take it easy. I also chilled out on fruit for the first few days of phase 3 and then added it back in more in week 2 and even more in week 3.

4. I kept a strict calorie count online and I planned most of the food i was gonna eat the day before so there were no food surprises.

5. I started exercising again. It took me a few days to build back up my stamina from the low calorie diet. but as soon as i felt good I was back at it.

6. I started with my fat intake high and m carbs low and i gradually added more carbs and toned down the fat. See my posts from the last few weeks for more info on that.

So there you have it. Hello phase 4 and goodbye phase 3 and in summary you now know the 2 supplements i took, my 4 favorite stevia products that saw me through and my 6 things i did that i think made a difference. Now it is time for me to go 8 a banana. :)

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