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DAY#169 - Running Man
This weekend our treadmill started acting funny. I didn't want to hear or think about it cause it just made me mad. I don't like when things break and it is even worse if I am actively using the item that broke. The god news is it is under warranty, the bad news is I now need to go to work to get the company to fix it.

This left me in a bad position. I was in the middle of my new habit of exercising almost daily and also doing the c25k training. I had no choice, i turned to the great outdoors. I had been planning on taking my runs outside in a few weeks as things got a bit cooler. I like the idea of exercising in slightly less humid weather. I would take a brisk breeze over the hot sun any day. But necessity is what it is, So i announced to the kids on Sunday night that our c25k training would begin Monday morning at 7am.

I was awake by 6:30 the next day and had the kiddos up by 6:45am. I used Google maps to plot a few course options ranging from 2.2-3.2 miles. My road is too scary to allow my kids to run on for now. No offense to those who drive by my house, but you are crazy speed demons. So i found a road a half mile away that only has a few farm lanes attached to it and little traffic. So we hopped in the FAM7 mobile and drove over to no mans land for our run.

I loved it. It was great. I was happy to be outside and moving again. The air was still crisp as the sun rose and it made for a good training climate. We ran the length of the road 2x which equaled 2.2miles and did it in 30 minutes. Since we are still alternating running and walking I think we have a good pace and after another month of training I think we will be up to jogging our first 5k.

I was so pleased when I got home I made some purchases with my Amazon gift card. Being a techie, gadget guru I decided to pimp my workout with a few items. I have loved the idea of the Nike sensor you can put in a pair of Nike running shoes. It reads all your exercise stats back to your iphone or regular ipod as you do your thing. How cool exercise and tech. But I was bummed cause I didn't have a pair of nikes to put the sensor in. Well I found an ingenious little device that velros around your shoes laces and holds the nike sensor to any pair of shoes. It is called the
Sportsuit Sensor Case for Nike + iPod Sport Kit
and for $8.29 it is just what I wanted. Now I can have fun playing with my nike sensor without having to own a specific type of running shoe. w00t!

While I was on my spending spree I also got myself an armband to hold my phone while I run. Those three items were my splurges on my small shopping spree. I am hoping they will be an investment that will continue my workout excitement for weeks to come. However, with so much electronic gadgetry on me as I run I am also considering taking out some extra life insurance incase I get hit by lightening.

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