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DAY#174 - Progress Check #25
Well I am done with another week of Phase 4 and I am doing great. I have slowly been expanding my food choices and trying new things. I have been out to eat several times and have done great. I have yet to go more than 2lbs over my LDW and I count that as a blessing. My weight does seem to fluctuate day to day by a pound or so. In the last few weeks my lowest weight has been 229 and my highest 235 but mostly I hover around 232-233.

My major weight shifts have all been explainable (at least in m mind). I have had a few bouts with constipation causing a gain until it passed. Also any gout flair ups make me hold about 2lbs of water for 3 days and as it goes away so does my water weight. And as recent as this past week I jumped up 2.5lbs after a killer workout, I am also assuming this is water weight as my muscles repaired themselves.

So have I eaten much in the form of starches, yet? NO, I have not. I have passed on pasta so far and have found no real need for bread. I did have a bite of a cinnamon roll because my wife was trying to explain how it tasted to me, so i just took a bite. (alas, I didn't melt) I had some corn, a handful potato chips, carrots in my salad, some orange juice and bananas. I have found that things that raise my blood sugar make he hold water so I have just been staying away from eating lots of them. I am pretty happy with my eating style right now. So this trend may continue.

i wanted to tell you i changed my mind on something. . . . I had announced a few weeks ago, I was going to continue to try to loose a few more pounds with diet and exercise over the next several months. After i made that statement I went into a funk. I spent almost a week thinking about it and came to the conclusion I was wrong. I have been beating myself mentally and physically for months and have had great success. It is time not to worry about loosing and making the scale move and just be happy at my weight. The Pounds & Inches protocol has done me well and I believe in that fact that I lost fat vs. muscle. Why would I risk doing the opposite?

So I am taking back my statement, I am gonna be happy where I am at. I am not purposely tying to loose another 15lbs. If i drop a few due to exercise, I am not gonna fret, but I am not gonna be obsessed either. I am planning another round (2) of HCG starting in January to take off my last bit of poundage I want to lose and I will lose my FAT using the protocol that has brought me this far.

Now to have myself a Jay Robb shake, I am addicted to them. :) Been using 8oz. of of frozen fruit, 3oz of frozen bananas, 2 scoops of shake, 2.5oz of heavy cream, 6.5oz of water. and 4-5 ice cubes. Yummy and satisfying. And yes frozen fruit and frozen bananas are the way to go. I take the bananas and put them into small chunks before freezing makes them easier for the blender.

Have a blessed day!
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