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DAY#222 - Progress Check, Week #32
I have now been in the 230lbs range for over 3 months, w00t! Pleased I am! I do believe HCG did what it said it would do and this is further proof. My hypothalamus seems to be locked into the 230s and I have been hanging out there now for MONTHS! It is not completely easy, I can find myself falling back into my decades worth of bad habits in a split second. That is where self-control comes in and i pretty much at those moments i need to snap out of it and control my self. I am also sure exercise is helping, I have been running 3 times a week now for the last 9-10 weeks. I can not say I love it, but it is exercise and it does make me feel better and my body is getting better at it.

Today I am just under 2 weeks away from my the start of our family vacation. Very excited to leave the world behind for awhile and just chill and have fun with my family. I am truly excited cause I have a ton of more energy and stamina than I have had in years which hopefully means and even better time. I am slightly concerned that breaking from my daily routine for the first time in MANY MONTHS maybe my undoing. I am not planning on exercise for my time away, nor am I planning on bringing a scale or doing formal calorie counting. All have been daily staples in my life. And as if vacation is not bad enough we will be arriving home in time for Thanksgiving festivities, which maybe the cherry on top of my weight demise.

I do plan on using my skills that I have been learning to help guide me through. I have now been calorie counting for 6 months and have a general idea on what food items cost in the form of calories, so I am hoping to keep daily mental calorie budget and try to keep myself in check. We will also be having a very active vacation so I am hoping that my constant on-the-go movements as compared to my sit behind a computer all day routine will make up for my lack of running. So how much can one man gain in a short period of time? I hope not to find out.

When we get home I hope to be back on my daily routine of calorie counting and exercise and I pray that my damage will not be too bad and that my hypothalamus will continue to regulate my weight in the 230s. Looking forward to getting back form vacation I scheduled one more 5K run for myself. Hopefully that will give me the incentive to get back in the groove. And speaking of my 5k run I have a few house keeping items for you.

Some house cleaning and random thoughts:

JINGLE BELL RUN: I found 10 people to sign up to run with me. WOW. very cool, if you are still thinking about it, it is not too late to join in. Also made a goal to raise $500 as a team and we are at $315. If you feel so moved to give a few dollars, click on the link and sponsor me or any of my team mates. JINGLE BELL RUN SPONSOR

JOIN ME, AGAIN: Less than 70 days till I start round two of HCG. looking forward to seeing what else I can do. I plan on blogging about it so if you wanna follow along tune in in January. If you want to join me for a round, mark your calendar and drop me a note!!

A GREAT OBSERVATION: The other week after my 2 day birthday splurge of cheesecake and some other goodies I found myself up about 4lbs over my LDW. I just returned to my routine and my weight went back to normal. How freaking awesome is that???

JAY ROBB: I am still in love with Jay Robb shakes, I drink 2 a day. My newest concoction is pumpkin. i use canned pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, a dash of clove, jay robb & milk. Sometimes i add an ounce or so of cream cheese. Took me a few tries to figure out the combo I liked. YUMMY. Just for the record I tried another sugar free protein powder a few weeks back. No contest Jay Robb still is the best. Hands down. I even have graduated to consuming the 5lb. bucket cause it is cheaper. :)

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