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DAY#276 - Catching Up
I owe everyone a big update. so here we go.

1. Jingle Bell Run, wow it is over and it went great. So happy and proud of everyone who ran. We ended up with 16 people on our team. And raised $755.00. That made us the third biggest team and the fifth largest money raising team. So in all, a success. Oh yeah, everyone finished, even me!

2. A special shout out to my new friend, Jennifer McCreary. She is a 'fan' of my page on facebook and joined our team without knowing anyone. She told me after the run that she has lost 65lbs and has 35 more to go. Very proud of her and her accomplishment and was glad she came and shared the day with us.

3. So now what will I do as far as exercise? Well, I am done running outside till warmer weather. The cold has been killing my lungs and I give up. However, I have a treadmill, I despise it but I am gonna try to get on and keep active. I also wouldn't mind taking up swimming, i need to see if the pool at the school is now open for community swimming.

4. How is my weight maintaining going? I think it is doing well. I am up about 8-10lbs(depending on the day) from my last dosage weight at the end of July. I am still doing well and am excited for the future. Some days are better than others and i catch myself falling back into some old habits and need to rethink what i am mindlessly doing.

5. I am still in love with Jay Robb Protein Shakes> I now buy the 5lb bucket monthly. My favorite shake is vanilla adding bluberry with a little banana. YUM. I pretty much have one for breakfast every morning.

6. I bought HCG drops for my next round ( LINK: Advanced Strength Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss Formula with Amino Acids and Vitamin B6 & B12
) I got them in the mail today and safely stashed them in the fridge. Two weeks until I start my round 2 loading. Wait, isn't that what I am gonna be doing for the next 2 weeks? loading? yeah :)

7. What are my future goals? I am hoping with round 2 to go below 200lbs for the first time in my adult life. ( I haven't seen 200lbs since 9th grade) I am hoping it will not go as long as my first round. And i can finish my HCG by the time it is getting warm and be ready for exercise and being outdoors. I will probably sign up for another 5k in march, and yeah you are invited to join me. I just need to find one first tho.

8. What about my 501 jean goal. I plan on buying them at the ned of round 2. I am thinking I might be wearing a size 32? I promise to take pictures and post them.

9. Am i gonna watch my weight over Christmas? Yes, it is gonna go up, LOL. Well to be honest, I think i have fallen into a pretty good pattern of normal eating and have been eating less than i ever did in my adult life. I am taking my time and listening to my stomach when it says, "Hey, I am full". I have to tell you that for the first time in maybe forever, My wife and I went out to eat and I actually brought home my leftovers in a doggie bag. I used to just eat all my food. But the other night my stomach said, hey you are getting full and i listened. I count this as a good thing! So I plan on not depriving myself but not gorging myself either.

10. I think I should end at 10 things else I will bore you and this will also insure that Mr. Monk will be happy because 10 is a good number. God Bless you and your family, take time to take time. okay? I promise to re-immerge in about 10 days as I start my count down to round 2. Wanna join me? It is not too late.

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