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DAY#292 - Round 2 Phase 2 Day 1
Alarm went off at 6am this morning. It was time to brown my pork and prepare for lunch. We have at least two dozen people coming today for our Annual Pork & Sauerkraut at the Smiths. So it shall be busy. Once I had the burners on the stove warming up my pans, I opened the fridge to grab a few things and there sitting on the top shelf were my drops. A reminder of the next few weeks of my life. I wasted no time. Took 10 drops under my tongue and set my kitchen timer for 15 minutes. I know most people say you can do it less time, but if i choose to go the distance, what does it hurt?

So i quietly went on with my business of prepping and before I knew it my 15 minutes was up and I swallowed what was left of the drops and set the timer for 30 minutes. I try to wait 30 minutes after taking my drops before eating or drinking anything. I had read this in a post last year on the HCG user group and have always stuck to it. Nothing in my mouth for 15 minutes before or 30 minutes after drops for maximum effect. So i did it and will do it 3x a day for the next few weeks until I meet my goal.

My next step of the morning when I had a spare moment at the stove was to grab Mr. Scale out of the garage and weigh myself. I had not weighed myself in a few weeks and was not looking forward to the million dollar question. As I stepped on the scale a number came to my mind and when i looked down I weighed exactly what i was thinking. What? you ask. Sorry, I find it too painful to type right now, you will have to wait till my weekly weigh in report. But I will say it is the most I have weighed in a long time.

For the next hour I beat myself up as I worked. I was pretty ticked off at my careless attitude with food and that I allowed myself to slip back into my old bad habits over the holidays. When I stopped HCG in July at 233lbs I had pictured starting back up again in January at 233. Well that is not the case. However after I gave myself a generous mental tongue lashing for my bad behavior, I remembered a few things. I am still nowhere near to what I have weighed in my past. I am still solidly in the 200s, my clothing still fits and I am within striking distance of my goals. So even though I am sad that I have put on some weight, I am happy that I am on my journey again and on my way back down. :)

So for the next 48 hours I am loading. The goal is to eat extra FAT and fill the fat reserves of my body. I am not sure i need this since I have been fressen (sp?) like a mad chow hound for the last few weeks but none the less I am gonna gorge myself on FAT. I started off this morning with 8 slices of bacon and a creme brulee and I already feel stuffed. I plan on having ice cream today too, we are celebrating Caleb's Birthday and he picked a peanut butter cup blizzard cake from DQ. So Ice cream here i come! Tomorrow I shall end my gorge with a trip to the Korean BBQ restaurant with some good friends.
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Sunday August 9, 2020 - Day #3800