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DAY#305 - My Stride
I think I have finally hit my HCG stride. It has taken almost 2 weeks but I seem to be in the groove. For a while I thought I might not ever hit it, but I seem to have arrived. What do I mean by my stride. Well I am finally feeling more content with life. There are a few things you need to contend with that are big obstacles to your HCG success the top two are Mental & Physical Hunger. They both are real and totally effect your life. taking hHCG is supposed to help with your physical hunger while it releases fat, however Mental hunger is another issue. There is no cure for mental hunger, those cravings you get when watching other people eat food or smell a certain delicacy.

I am trying to compare my round 2 of HCG to round 1 and to be honest I really can't. I tend to be the sort of guy who after an event is over forgets how hard or miserable i was and just remembers the good. So looking back on the start of my first Round 10 months ago, I remember loosing weight everyday for a month straight and how happy I was. I think I was grumpy for a few days in the beginning but I do remember exactly how long it lasted. I just remember the good parts and I expect round 2 to be all those good parts and no bad. So for the last two weeks I have been a bit sadder living through all the bad parts and becoming impatient with the whole process. Well, I am happy to report I think I have made it out of the valley.

My first issue i dealt with was a bit of mental fuzziness I couldn't think quite straight and everything seemed to be just a bit cloudy. I started taking potassium supplements at first just 3 caps but it wasn't quite enough. Finally one day, I took 3 caps every 2 hours until i had taken 9 total. When I hit 9 I felt normal. I did that for two days and have now gone back to 3 a day. I must have been lacking potassium and now I am maintaining just fine with 3 a day and no more fuzziness. Wooohooo.

My second issue I got rid of was physical hunger. Physical hunger for me was bad the first 2-3 days of my VLCD, but then dwindled to spotty hunger. I have also noted in my experience that eating the grissini really adds to my physical hunger and starts cravings so I have cut them out of my diet. (your mileage may vary). However I have still had spotty hunger throughout the day up till about day 10. On day 9 and since I took a suggestion that i read a long time ago in the HCG support group. I decreased the amount of drops i was doing. I had been taking 9 drops, 3 times a day. I have decreased to 6 drops, 3 times a day and most all my hunger is now gone. Too much HCG? maybe, maybe it cleared up on its own, but i am doing fine with 6 drops under my tongue for 15 minutes so I am keeping it.

My last issue I had to deal with was mental hunger. I doubt mental hunger would have went away until physical hunger left. So probably the last thing to deal with. To be honest the first week I was very weak minded. My wife asked to order chinese food for her and the kids one night when she had worked on a project all day and didn't have the time to cook. I flat out said NO. I was being selfish, there is no way i wanted to smell or see chinese food at that time. My other big habit is when I am up from my desk and prowling around the house I always walk by the kitchen cupboard to inspect what i might grab a handful of, I am still opening the cupboard but am quickly reminding myself that habit needs to go away. (In P3 and P4 I filled a box with about 10 different sugar free gum flavors and would grab a stick of flavored gum, dessert gum, chocolate chip mint, YUM). So I am still dealing with this item in small ways but about two nights ago I finally sat down on the sofa for the night and felt content with the world. I thought to myself I am at peace again. I hadn't felt that way for awhile so it was good to have that back.

As proof to my progression while out running errands in Lancaster last night I stopped at my favorite restaurant and surprised my wife with a take out meal of her and my favorite dish. And although it looked tasty, I was cool with it and all was right with the world. By the way, the dish is totally fine for the second or third week of P3 and it shall be our first date night, perhaps in March. Can't wait!

So in short the first week or two of HCG can be a rough road. I am sure it is different for everyone. But be warned the great weight loss doesn't come with some obstacles you must face. I do think it is all worth it. Just remind me to read this posting before i start round 3 so my expectations are kept in check.

Weigh in report tomorrow, check back then!
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