The struggle to become half the man i used to be . . .  

DAY#323 - Looking Brighter
Today I would like to announce I have finally broken through my old weight barrier and am comfortably onto new ground. It has taken me a month to loose the weight I gained from my vacation & holiday eating and breakthrough to a new weight. Really, it only took me 20 days to get back to my low weight zone. The other 11 days I spent trying to break into new ground. (yeah my body is stubborn)

I am now solidly in the 220's, actually 225 to be specific. I have not weighed 225 since about my 10th grade year in high school when I was 15. And yes, that was 26 years ago. So now that i have had a good drop in weight over the past 72 hours, I averaged out the last 2 weeks. My loss has been about 6.5lbs a week. Mind you there was a lot of stalling in there with a few dramatic weight loss days. Looking back 6.5lbs a week is nice, not quite the 7-9lbs I have been used to but 6.5 could potentially put me in onederland (under 200) by the end of the month. That would be a crazy blessing and something I always wOndered if I could accomplish.

However, I will not hold my breath cause, well I can be happy without onderland. And who knows what kind of roller coaster ride my body will have me on for the next month. For those of you who ask me or my wife how long my 'dieting' will continue. I am not ordering more drops so when this bottle runs out I will be done for sure and I may opt to be done sooner. My estimate is this bottle will last till the first week of March(ish) so at most I got the month of February.

Looking forward to the next few weeks .. . . .These next 26lbs hold a few accomplishments and goals I am working towards. First off I will hit 220lbs which was my goal for round 1 which ended before I hit it. I only have five more pounds to hit my last weight goal. Also somewhere around 206-212lbs I will hit my half way mark. That has been my most visible, yet barely ever addressed goal. You see at one time in the early 90's I toped the scale at 400+lbs. I do now know the precise number I could never weigh myself at my local Dr. Office cause their scale only went to 350. So i resorted to weighing myself on a scale at the mall that spit out slips with your weight and horoscope. I used to have these slips along with my blood work and other papers all in a health folder but sadly they are gone. I have searched for them on several occasions now and I am certain I will find them some year when I no longer care. My best recollection of my highest weight on the slip was either 424lbs or 412lbs. I remember it was divisible by 12 and tend to think it was 424.6lbs. So anyway in order to finally become half the man I used to be I need to hit the 206-212lbs range which incredibly enough is just around the corner. If i can hit that I will be 99% satisfied with myself.

The last goal I have is more of a pride issue. Hitting 199 and being out of the 200's would be very cool. To be able to say I am in the hundreds will be a crazy, crazy day. Someday I will blog about the day I found out I weighed more than 200, when I was 13. Ok my mid week lunch time blog is over. I wish you well and I will check in again on Saturday.

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