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DAY#332 - Coconut Oil on P2
I didn't want to leave you all hanging like some bad soap opera on my 'confused' youtube from the other day. So here is what happened:

FIRST I MUST SAY: This post is NOT ON PROTOCOL and use the info you find here at YOUR OWN RISK. I DO believe that sticking to the rules is the best and most certainly if you are just starting out on the HCG diet do not sabotage yourself by trying crazy things. You will regret it. Ok, do you feel warned? I write what follows because I said I would be transparent and public about my weight loss process. So this is what I did, I know various people who do use some coconut oil during P2 with success. However, I do not recommend this as it is not tried and true. But I know as a curious human that I want to know what others have done and what their results were so here it goes:

As you know from a few posts and a video that I made this past week. I was at my whits end with HCG. WHY? My brain was weary and on the fritz. I felt weak and not myself and was getting depressed mentally. Physically I was actually ok, I was not hungry and I have determined it wasn't just my brain playing 'mental tricks'. I had prayed about it, talked with my wife about it and still felt very conflicted as to my end goal vs. how I was feeling. When I made the video I was trying to figure out if it was just a mental thing vs. a physical thing. (Four of my family members were fu like sick, so I was also wondering if I had some sort of mild illness) After much pondering I resorted to something crazy. :)

On a friend's suggestion I decided to take some Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil . A teaspoon with lunch and one with supper. They contended that virgin coconut oil has thermal effects that work on your metabolism and may help your diet and that my brain might be starved for fats. I actually got 2 or 3 messages from several people who said similar things.

So I decided to start a 3 day experiment. I would use 1 teaspoon of coconut oil(virgin health food store type) 2x a day. One with each meal. And let the results speak for themselves. I also decided since I count all my calories that the 80cals of coconut oil would have to fit within my 500 for the day. I would decrease my veggies slightly to make sure I wasn't eating extra cals. Here is what happened, play by play:

DAY 1: Right before lunch, I stuck a measuring teaspoon in my nutiva coconut oil and pulled out a level scoop and sucked on it. It tasted cocnutty and slightly sweet and melted in my mouth. For supper I added it to my strawberry smoothie. It didn't really decimate the way I thought it was and I ended up swallowing it in small chunks as i drank. Alas my 'medicine' was taken. Any observations? Yes: I was nearing the climax of becoming mentally unglued and that fat settled me down. By evening, I was thinking straight and in good spirits. I felt mentally stable for the first time in a week. SO FAT=HAPPY BRAIN I think so.

DAY 2: I do not have a gull bladder and usually have to watch my fatty food intake. Well, not having much fat for over a month I think my gull production went into hyper drive and I think I pooped everything inside of me out last night. (SORRY TMI). I had a 2.5lb loss (whodathunk) definitely due to me being cleaned out. However, here is what was important. That AM I feel at peace with the world and it had been many days since I felt that good. I fried my chicken in my tsp of oil for lunch and fish for supper. I was very happy however I felt a small bit of gloom hovering over me as I knew I was gonna gain some of my 'quickly' lost weight back.

DAY 3: I gained back .5lbs of my 2.5lbs. Very little considering. I once again felt at peace and had no icckyness in me, PRAISE GOD. The only cloud on the horizon was how long would it be till I saw another drop in weight? I mean, I was eating fat and my body usually only drops weight every 3-4 days at this stage of my round(40+ days) so chances are adding fat would mean that I might stall for a long time. I ate the same oiled up things as I did in DAY 2, I just fried my meat in a tsp of oil. My day 3 came to an end and I was thinking what will I do tomorrow?

DAY 4: Which was today. I woke up wondering what to do with my new found info and diet change. A bit of fat keeps me sane which is good but what are the long term effects? Why do I need that fat? Doesn't my body certainly have enough fat in it? Does that mean I am no longer burning fat? Will I now gain weight or stall? Can I stabilize in the end? Can I just hit one more goal before I am done? So as I laid in bed and my 4 year old daughter was jumping on me I wrestled with these questions as I wrestled her. I finally made a decision which would be based on my morning weigh in.

If my weight stayed the same I would do 3 more days of strict original protocol and see what happened. If I had a further loss not including my .5lbs I gained I would do coconut oil for 3 more days. If I gained weight, I was gonna be done with Phase 2. So I had a plan. My guess was I would stall due to the fact that for several weeks I have not lost weight without stalling for several days. And there was a good possibility with breaking the rules and my 'clean out' I may gain another .5lbs as my body adjusted and my intestines filled. My biggest long shot was another weight loss. I was set with my decision.

I stepped on the scale at 8:30 which is my normal daily weighing time. And I saw. . . . another 1.6lb loss. WHAT? Not what I was expecting at all. Confirms that much like my understanding of women, I will never fully understand my body. I am happy and I am now under 220. Which was the goal I made but never hit during round 1. Go figure. A good day. So I am hanging in and including coconut oil for 3 more days and then I will re-evaluate. I do not expect to see weight loss for a few days now but the experiment continues.

I appreciate your listening ear. And I also appreciate your input. I am still trying to work all this out in my head and would love to hear your feedback. Yes, I am no longer following protocol (OP) and I feel very not good about that. However, I started this so I am gonna finish it out and see where it takes me. So if you have any input or thoughts or experience you would like to share I am open to it and will definitely use it to help weigh what I do come Sunday/Monday.

One last thing: A shout out to everyone who has left me comments, suggestions, encouragement, I love you all for it. I do want to say a special shout out to Roshann, I was surprised and happy to see you left me a post. Roshann, I use your HCG and am very pleased with it and have sent many people to buy it. Thank you!

***NOTE: Google coconut oil for yourself or here is a link : Coconut Oil Metabolism

Here is a youtube on brain fog & coconut oil, maybe this explains it all? maybe.:


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