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DAY#333 - Motivation(part 1)
Several peeps have said to me in passing. You should have done Biggest Loser, with all your will power you may have won. I take it as a compliment. I definitely think I could have been a contender and the $250,000 prize would have been a plus. I am glad that I have had the will power to keep going and persevering through some rough spots. Changing your life is not easy and keeping those changes can prove to be even more difficult.

I also thought during my summer round part of my issue was dieting at that time of year. Enduring all the picnics and get togethers etc. I was happy to have picked Jan & Feb for my second round cause nothing happens in January & February. But dieting through the dog days of winter has proved to be maybe more difficult than Summer. I think it is the lack of fresh air, sun, and being cooped up in my house that has added almost a grey depression to my life.

So with the thought of a biggest loser prize in my life I started a day dreaming contest of my very own. When I successfully become half the man I once was I am rewarding myself the "$250,000" imaginary grand prize. So when my brain turns to "hey I am bored and cooped up in my house." I try to entertain it with what i would spend my virtual prize money on. Kinda silly but it is a little fun.

So this is pretty much my grand prize and how I would blow it. :)

Figuring that out of 250k, 100k would go to taxes that would leave me with 150k to play with. So after tithing, I would put half on my mortgage of my house and pay that down. That would leave with enough to splurge on a few things. What? well here are a few.

1. A new wardrobe. I used to watch 'What not to wear" with my wife and the idea of having $5,000 to spend on a new wardrobe would be right up this skinnier man's alley. No $500 jeans or boots like on the show. I am a Nike, OldNavy, Kohls man.

2. A new haircut for me and my wife from Nick Arrojo. I have seen his razor cuts on TV and would love to have him give us new hairdos. I would let my hair grow out for a month and then give Nick a visit. I looked into actually going to NYC and doing this for myself but he charges a mere $500. Probably worth it, but not on my salary.

3. A trip with my wife for a week. Just the two of us away to some cool location like Grand Caymans. Chill relax, regroup. She has been a very helpful person to me on my diet and deserves some pampering and relaxation.

4. A trip for our whole family to Alaska. This would actually be my wife's top pick for a get-away but she wants our whole family to go to Alaska, A nice cruise for the whole gang. And all the excursions.

5. The addition of a walking/biking trail around the perimeter of our property, mend my fence and macadam a golf cart size trail with landscaping so my family could exercise and play without venturing onto our road that is filled with crazy traffic. And a nice deck added to our pool.

There you have it. A small laundry list I have been using to fill my brain when I am starting to think about food. To be honest all this is not my real motivation for loosing weight. My true motivation shows up in the pictures at the top of my blog. I love my family and want to be around to spend more time with them. I want to be the dad who does stuff with his kids vs. the one who can't cause his is too old, fat and worn out. I am their role model whether I like it or not. They WILL image themselves after me. So I want to give them a better image to work from. For that is my true motivation. The rest of this stuff is just a small bit of brain candy.
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