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DAY#339 - My P3 Game Plan
Well, I am gonna transition into Phase 3 over the next week. Many people have asked me how to do it so I am gonna tell you my plan so you know what I am up to.

Day 1- I will weigh myself first thing in the morning and that will be my LDW weight, My last dose weight for this round of the diet. My goal for 3 weeks is to not go more or less than 2lbs. away from this weight. I will weigh myself daily. I take my last drops of HCG in the morning after I weigh and stash the bottle in the back of the fridge if it is worth keeping. I will then eat all my normal Phase 2 Diet for the rest of the day.

Day 2 - I will once again eat my normal Phase 2 diet with the exception if hunger starts to creep back into my life I will double my proteins. I did this during my last round and had no issues. I also will start taking Pancreatrophin PMG 90 Tablets AND Standard Process Hypothalamus PMG 60 T As described on the bottles. I believe this gave me an edge and helped me have a perfect Phase 3 last time. Do I know this for a scientific fact? No, but I just spent 50+ days loosing weight I want every advantage I can get. I will not introduce any new foods or over eat today.

DAY 3- The protocol will tell you to wait 72 hours, but I have found out form many people on homeopathic HCG Drops that 48 hours is enough time for the HCG to leave your system. So today I will eat anything except for sugar/starches. I will go to HCGLOSS.COM And click on their P3 Calories tab and use the form to figure out how many calories I can eat. I came up with 2500. So I will eventually eat 2500 calories, but not today. Today I will work for a little more than half of them so hitting around 1250 calories for the day. I will up my fat intake dramatically and lower my fruits for a few days. For the next 3 weeks I will shoot for 55-65% of my calories from fat. 25-30%from protein and 5-10%(max) from carbs. And NO sugary carbs at all. NONE. I will also give up apples for a few days and stick to strawberries & blueberries to start and maybe only 1 serving a day for a few days until my body adjusts.

I will start chewing sugar free gum again :).

DAY 4- I will do same as Day 3 except I will increase my calories to 75% of my total. so about 1900ish for me.

DAY 5- I will finally eat my total(100% of my) calories I figured out using the calculator today and I will keep my fruits at bay until my first week is over.

Day 8+ I will add more fruits back into my daily routine slowly. Bananas will not be part of this they give me issues so they will wait till Phase 4.

DAY 14+ I will start adding more exercise back into my life. Last time I needed 14 days for my body to re-group after Phase 2 so I am planning on it this time too.

DAY 23-this will end my 3rd week of Phase 3. Since the first 2 days are actually P2 transitioning days. I will now pick some starches to add back into my diet and SLOWLY test the waters one at a time. If my weight goes up. I will make note of it and use them in moderation in the future. I will take my Hypothalamus tabs daily until I run out at day 30.


PLEASE eat your protein!
PLEASE do not continue to diet. allow your body a few days to adjust to more calories but eat them. Else it will revolt!

If you have questions feel free to ask me. I will be honest with you and hopefully provide the help you need.
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