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DAY#360 - My 13 Favorite Things
Over the past year, my life has changed a ton and I am trying to reflect on it all this week. One of the things that amused me is the stuff I buy and use now vs. what I did a year ago. I figure I have about 30-50 new products in my life that I had never used before. Feeling like Oprah today and as the first year of the rest of my life comes to an end I want to share with you some of my new favorite things. Don't get too excited FedEx will not be ringing your doorbell with a goodie bag of these items unless you order them. :)


Now Foods Stevia Glycerite--My current favorite liquid stevia. Looks and has the feel of Honey. very thick. I mx with water and put in my old dropper bottles. This makes it a bit cheaper than the others. In my opinion after taste is gone. And by itself has a slight honey flavor.


Zsweet All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener. More non-suagar baking sugar :) Just cause I don't want to over due my sugars doesn't mean I do not like it sweet.


Ideal No Calorie Sweetener. this stuff comes in regular Brown and Confectioners. it is Xylitol so it is natural and low glycemic. also right now on amazon-- Save $1.00 when you purchase 1 or more Ideal Sugars offered by Heartland Sweeteners, LLC. Enter code IOFFI2II at checkout.


Schumans Sugar free Fire roasted Tomato Ketchup. I love both he regular and the spicy. Yum fest. low in carbs and only 1 sugar. My friend and fellow HCGer Julie told me about this ketchup and I bought a case of regular and spicy and love them both. the Fire roasted tomato flavor comes out and is delish. I actually put 2 TBS on a plate and have dipped celery in it. Good stuff and no High Fructose Cord Syrup like other ketchup.


Savi Seeds -- Love these things. I eat them like peanuts. they are full of Omega 3 and have 13x more of it per serving than Salmon. And no fish taste :) Lightly salted. they have 5 fiber grams per serving and 0 net carbs. These guys do not have free super saving shipping from Amazon. I found them at Whole Foods but i am using the Amazon links cause it is easy to show pictures. You can pay shipping and get them form Amazon, but your best bet is to try a health food store.

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Edamame (wasabi & regular) -- High protein and Low carb. 9 grams of carbs per serving, but 7 of them are fiber. A great score for a snacker. The regular ones are lightly salted. The Wasabi ones are spicy. Great snack tons of good fiber. Low glycemic impact. I have even used some popcorn seasonings on the regular ones to give them different flavors.


Cacao Nibs by Sunfood -- This is my chocolate replacment, has TONS of fiber vs sugars. 8 carbs but 6 of them are fiber per serving. I take about 1/2 an ounce and put it in my vanilla shake add an extra packet of stevia cause these are not sweet and I end up with with chocolate chip shake. A half an ounce has 160% of your needed iron for the day and tons of antioxidants and flavonoids. This is also kid tested my Elsie & Caleb they have both given a thumbs up. I get them cheaper through Amazon by using subscribe and save. And by using a half an ounce(14 grams) a time this bag has at least 80 servings.


Atkins Endulge Bars, Caramel Nut Chew --Low glycemic Impact and only 2 net carbs. I stick in these guys in the fridge and it works for me like a snickers bar and with Amazon subscribe and save we are talking less than 75 cents for a bar. Great Yummy deal. Honorable mention goes to
Atkins Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars. I bought these and took them on my business trip and used them as a meal replacement when I had no other good choices. My grandma ended up at the hospital the other day and upon running out the door it was great to know I could grab one of these and put it in my pocket and keep going without worrying that I would be in trouble later cause i would be hungry with nothing good to eat.


Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil-- Well we started out with the small containers of VCO but went through them in a month. So it was cheaper to go bigger and use subscribe and save so that is what we did. Good fat.


All One Vitamin Powder- I only use half a serving of this stuff about 8 grams. (yes I weigh everything). Since it has 200-1000% of the rda of most vitamins. A half serving still gets you what you need and makes the can last for like 4 months. And because it is powder form put in a drink it gets absorbed so much faster. Price wise $10 a month for a quality multi-vitamin is a great price.


Diamond Unsweetened Almond Milk, both Vanilla and Chocolate-- This stuff is great. 40 calories for a cup and yummy. Unsweetened is great you can add to recipes. If you want a sweeter drink you can add some stevia and you have a nice chocolate milk. Obviously it has a nutty flavor, it is almond milk. Good Stuff. My daughter Mimi drinks it daily.


Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It--My newest favorite book. I am re-reading it (yes again) now. see my review a few days ago. For me this is my maintenance plan for the rest of my life. Read during P2 to prepare yourself for P3 & P4. I would like to buy this book for all my loved ones. Obviously the Bible is the number one book of Truth and wins against all other books hands down. However this book is definitely in my top 10.


Jay Robb Protein Shake --- Lets face it Proteins & fats are the bomb and this whey protein sweetened with stevia is the bomb too. I order it bucket size cause it is cheaper and I love it. I have 2 shakes a day. I either add Vanilla, Blueberries, Strawberries or Cacao Nibs. And sometimes I combine two things. I throw my vitamin powder in the mix and add some heavy cream and water and handful of ice and put it in my Blendtec Blender and true awesomeness pours out 40 seconds later. Jay Robb Protein Shakes are hands down the best. If you have had a protein shake and thought "this is aweful, never again" you have not had Jay Robb.

For fun I have made them into a new list on my Amazon store. You can see all my favorite things in their glory and in one list: OneTonGorilla's Favorite Things.

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