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DAY#369 - One Year Dr. Report. . . .
Yup I saw the Dr. yesterday afternoon and had a good time. I must say, my doctor usually spends time with me but he was a little hurried yesterday. He was running late, which was unusual for him and I think he was a bit flustered. So the appointment was a bit scattered and went like this:

My blood pressure was up. My blood pressure is always up at the doctor. I work myself into a frantic little tizzy when I go to the doctor. Call me crazy but i can feel my adrenaline kick in about 5 minutes before I arrive my heart starts pumping and it doesn't stop till i leave. My doctor says it is white coat syndrome, pretty much I freak out about going to the Dr. and it raises my blood pressure. However, I should get a good blood pressure monitor at my house and take my blood pressure to be sure. I am thinking about getting this one: Omron BP785 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Black/white, Large. Any thoughts? (FWIW, I took it two different places today, stores that have machines and it was 127/74 pulse 70 and the next time 124/68 pulse 65. both seemed good to me at least for bo bo Blood pressure machines in the pharmacy section of my local dept. stores..)(

So then we talked numbers, from my blood work. Pretty much I am perfect. My gout numbers are grand: Uric Acid in my blood is a 4.6. Good range is 3.3 - 8.7, at one time I had been a 12+. I then asked the doctor if I could stop taking my meds for gout. They are the only prescription meds I take and i would like to be done with them. He looked at me funny and asked why and I told him I think my gout was weight/bad eating related. I then told him about the book i had read: Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It (Borzoi Books). I even read a paragraph out of it concerning gout and how when we eat too much crap food and our insulin gets out of whack we end up dumping too much uric acid in our blood stream and it can cause gout. So I told him my hypothesis was I am fine. I left that life behind me and my uric acid will be controlled by diet which now has mastered all other test numbers. He agreed and gave me the thumbs up. We will retest my gout number and other stuff in 6 months at our next show down. :)

Other important numbers, my HA1C(blood sugar over time) was a 4.2 which good levels are 4.2 - 5.8. My regular fasting glucose was 79. Cholesterol 185, triglycerides 104, etc. etc. I am in good range on everything. My total Bili was a 2.0 which was high, but I have had a high Bili count for as long as I have had tests and it was been labeled Gilbert's Syndrome which is a benign issue. So happy, happy dance. :)

Before the end of our visit, I gave him my book that I am following and asked him to read it. He seemed fine by that and thanked me. He curiously read the back cover and I told him emphatically I am following this book so in 6 months when you see me my test results should reflect me following this book. Now I have to wait 6 months to see if me and the book are right about life and to see if my doctor even remembers to read it or if he will even remember I gave it to him. LOL.

All in all a good Dr. visit, total validation of my continuing job well done.

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