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DAY#372 - Dreamfields Pasta Rocks
I am adventurous and enjoy stepping out on a limb. At least, after assessing the risk. I will say I have been very careful with the consumption of carbs since starting P3 and now, after several weeks of P4, I am not to into consuming starchy carbs or sugar and have been steering clear of bread, pasta, potatoes and sugar-fied things. I have been eating pretty many fruits & veggies, but I seem to have issues pushing the naughty carbs into my body.

Recently, in several locations I have run into this product called Dreamfield Pasta. I had not seen it before the last month or two but the claims on the front of the package sucked me in. The label says 5gams of digestible carbs per serving. However, once I picked the box up and flipped it over the total carbs per serving were the same as regular everyday pasta 41g per serving. So what int he world is a digestible carb? So I had to do some research.

First: I looked ont heir website and it said something like this: "While the total number of carbohydrates is the same as traditional pasta, our patent-pending formula and unique manufacturing process protects all but 5 grams of carbohydrates from being digested. The Dreamfields fiber and protein blend creates a protective barrier to reduce starch digestion in the small intestine. The unabsorbed, or protected carbohydrates then pass to the colon where they are fermented, providing the same health benefits as fiber." I then read a few other posts from people calling it a scam to others testing it out. For more info check out the dreamfield faq

I decided to buy a few boxes and give it a try. Cause if it is true, I may have a great alternative to normal pasta. I found Dreamfields at Weis and bought the regular spaghetti type. This weekend we made a box and our hole family ate it. No one noticed or cared that it was less carb pasta. Tasted, looked and felt like regular pasta to all of us. I had 1.5 servings which is about 1.5 cups cooked, I had some spaghetti sauce with it and ate it as a side with some sausage. So how did i "test" the pasta? Why, with my handy dandy new glucose meter.

Since President Obama is pretty determined to take away our Medical Savings Benefits, or at least cut them off at the knees next year. I decided while I still have some money left to ask my Dr. for a prescription for a monitor and some test strips so I can buy one with my pre-tax money. So now I have a new monitor and I have been using it a bunch I test myself before meals and after meals. I am very curious about how different food affect me. My hypothesis that I have been testing after reading the "why we get fat book" is foods that effect my blood sugar dramatically (which raises insulin) will also be the foods that trigger weight gain. So I have been testing stuff. I have probably pricked my finger 25-30 times in the past week for testing purposes. I plan on sharing more about this later. But for now I can tell you my Blood sugar before eating my lunch was a 95 and after having dreamfields and sausage it went up to 119 within 30 minutes and back down to the 90s within an hour. (I had also read the blog of a diabetic who tested just the pasta and had an even smaller increase in sugar, so maybe the sauce & sausage contributed to my higher number?) From my observation dreamfields did well for me. A small blip on my sugar radar and back off. I plan on using it again.

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