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DAY#431 - Miracle Noodles
Hello friends, Sorry for the long delay in writing. Spring sprang and things have been busy in my life. I still write several diet related things a week but it is usually in the form of responding to people who write me personally asking questions or looking for advice. So between being busy with work & home life and responding to emails I have been busy busy. So I apologize to people who have been faithfully following my progress .

If you follow my facebook page you should have seen my post from earlier this week. I ended my round 3 phase 2 with more loss and broke my goal of finally becoming half the man I once was. I now weigh 210lbs+ less than my heaviest weight ever and am very happy. My new goal is to enjoy my summer while eating healthy. Hopefully sometime in the next week or so I will actually post more about my summer eating plans and activity.

For now, I would like to share that I became a 'Miracle Noodle' eater this week. I had never eaten them before and was slightly worried that due to the "you either hate them or love them" posts I have read that I may be throwing money into the wind. I found a small pack of 6 of them on Amazon and with their subscribe and save feature I was able to gamble $10 on them. Here is the link: Miracle Noodle Shirataki Angel Hair Pasta, 7-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6) You can always buy a case of them elsewhere for cheaper but who wants a whole case of them if you don't like them.

So after my order arrived my wife made spaghetti for the family and I whipped out my Miracle Noodles. Since the packs were small i went for 2 packs. I pretty much followed other people's advice and drained the liquid they are packed in and rinsed them for about 1 minute under water in a strainer in the sink. I then let them dry and even threw them in a paper towel and dried them more. Due to the fact that they taste like nothing unless they are cooked with the items. I put them in a hot frying pan with some garlic oil and garlic and fried them up. I then added my wife's meat sauce and let that cook for about 5 more minutes sprinkled with parm and YUM. I was happy and it filled me up. I immediately went to my computer and ordered a case, that was a no brainer. They are a bit spongy, or gummy in texture (kind of like al dente spaghetti) so they are definitely about combining with a sauce or meal. They kind of remind me of Korean cellophane noodles and I could see easily adding them to an asian dish. They made my meal very filling and added 0 calories and 0 carbs to my meal. w00t!

My second experiment: I had a bunch of left over roasted chicken i sliced it up in a pan with some spices, salt, pepper, garlic etc. and a bit of chicken broth and put in a pack of noodles, stirred them up and yummy. They tend to stick to each other and I tend not to pay attention to eating so half way through my meal i discovered I had already eaten all the noodles and only had chicken left. That further put a stamp of 'OK these are good' on the noodles. I didn't even think about eating them.

I can see how some people may be put off by their packaging. They look a bit odd as they are white and packed in water and have a slightly odd smell before you rinse them, but if you can get past that they are pretty easy to eat. And where do Miracle noodles come from? They are derived from the root of a Konjak plant that is grown in Asia and sometimes referred to as the Elephant Yam. Pretty much Asians have been using it in cooking for years and it is purely soluble fiber that passes through your system. Ok enough education. If you haven;t tried them it is worth buying a small pack and giving them a try.
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