The struggle to become half the man i used to be . . .  

So today i want to tell you what I have been up to. I am afraid to do that for the same reason I didn't want to let anyone know I was trying to loose weight. I do not like rejection and as a fat person I have dealt with enough rejection to last my life. So I do not actively search for more. I told myself when I started this venture I would be truthful, open and honest about what I was thinking, doing and eating. So for better or worse here it goes. Hang on I know this is gonna be a long one.

On March 16 when I started this adventure, I woke up in the middle of the night, I had no plan I just had a goal to loose weight and to tell the world. So for the next few weeks I changed my eating habits and did well. I was dropping 2lbs a week and I was happy with the changes I had made. At the same time in the back of my head I was thinking to myself I would love to drop 100lbs and then go into my maintenance lifestyle. They do it on biggest loser, right? So why not me? Well the seed of discontent with 2lbs a week was planted. What can I say I am American. I was raised by my culture to want it ALL and want it NOW.

Now, I know I didn't get to 350+lbs overnight. It was actually a slow lifelong process of bad decision after bad decision. But now that I know I am wrong and woke up from my coma. I craved results and a slow gradual weight loss wasn't cutting it for me. So about 2 weeks into my journey a good friend from Nashville chatted me. She saw my fan page on Facebook and wanted to lend her support. What she told me over the next hour was about her life long struggle to loose weight and what she had found in the past year that had really helped her. She had lost 60lbs and had kept it off.

I was all ears and wanted to know more. She sent me to some websites and fed me a ton of info. I was totally skeptical at first, I Googled it all till i could Google no more. We even checked with our family doctor. I mean I believed her and her success. BUT I had been down the dieting road too many times before. I have read the crazy ads for crazy diet products in the back of magazines and I didn't want to go that way.

So what she told me about was HCG. I had NEVER heard of it before that day but in the next 24 hours I consumed everything about HCG and educated myself well.
If you know what HCG is, ignore the next part. If you have no idea. I will try to explain it quickly. (IF INTERESTED DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH WHAT FOLLOWS IS MY INTERPRETATION AND EXPERIENCE I AM NOT AN EXPERT). Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone found in both men & women, but is typically produced in mass quantities during early days of pregnancy and it was discovered by a guy named Dr. A.T.W. Simeons back in the 1950's that when used in very small doses helps people lose weight.

Simeons worked with and tested HCG for 20 years in his clinic and helped tons of people lose weight in Italy his home country. He developed a weight loss protocol that he published explaining his findings that needs to be strictly followed. To break it down quickly, the patient takes HCG which helps to reset your hypothalamus and releases fat stored in your body's extra fat storage areas and releases it to be burned as fuel. You eat a very, very low cal balanced diet and your body eats itself to make up for the difference. You lose fat vs. muscle and your body reshapes as it goes. Men can average a pound a day, women a half pound. As a bonus when you are done the gland that controls the fat storage in your body gets reset at a lower weight and you are able to maintain that weight much easier for the rest of your life. HIs patients had a huge rate of success maintaining their new weight over time compared to any other diets.

There are clinics all over the world that charge between 1-$2,000 to go to them and follow this diet. They administer shots/injections of HCG into your body that causes the fat to be released. Why is fat released? Well my guess is it is a God designed thing. When women get pregnant their body needs to have nutrition for their growing baby and all their body changes during pregnancy, early on in pregnancy HCG helps release their extra body fat reserves to feed their growing baby. In my case HCG releases my body fat and I eat very little and due to that my body eats the readily available fuel floating around in my blood stream. and It works. As of me writing this since day 1 of HCG I am down 58lbs in 52 days.

OK, so I wasn't gonna spend thousands to lose weight and I didn't want to get shots. So as I researched, I learned that since the early days of HCG shots people have developed a homeopathic liquid that has barely a trace of HCG in it, but when taken under the tongue and allowed to absorb into your mouth it works just as good as the old time shots. The liquid is sold at about $30 a bottle after shipping and lasts for about 40 days. So I bought two bottles to start (I assumed that Shelly might do it with me, she opted not to). So I am now done with bottle 1 and I am on bottle 2.

I will not bore you with the whole protocol and the do's and don'ts it is about a 60 page book that if you are interested in reading I have a link to below. But in short order for the last 50+ days I take drops of Homeopathic HCG under my tongue 3 times a day hold them there for 15 minutes and then swallow. I then wait 30 minutes before consuming anything else. I eat a 500 calorie a day diet consisting of 7 ounces of meat, 2 veggies, 2 fruits, 2 bread sticks from a limited list of approved items. (I must say I am cool with eating the same thing many days in a row, so I have found things i like and I eat them every day. For people who need change there are cookbooks you can buy with tons of suggestions) I record all my food on to figure out my calories and I weigh everything with a cheap digital kitchen/postal scale to insure accuracy.

Wait, back up. Did you say 500 calories? Yeah, I did. You are starving yourself!!!!! Well, If I am I do not know it. My stomach rumbles every few days but other than that I have absolutely 0 hunger pains, none, nada, zilch. My physical cravings are nil.(I did have a few on day 3 & 4 but they went away quick) My mental cravings, well, I have had them but they have been countered with the exciting evidence of seeing the scale move almost daily. Anyway being paranoid about not loosing weight and loosing muscle instead I ran some test with ketostix which detect fat loss in urine and sure enough I am loosing fat.
[Also keep in mind, you can easily eat less than 500 calories if you are not hungry and your body is getting it's food from your fat. Sounds awful but it is deceptively simple.]

It is correct thinking that even without the HCG the low calorie diet would still help me loose weight. I agree, but my body would be in starvation mode. I would be hungry like crazy and my body would be eating my muscle. Adding HCG to the equation releases my fat storage and my body eats it and my hunger is gone.
If I miss a meal time I can feel weak and tired that is my new hunger and reminds me it is time to eat.

So I started taking HCG on April 4th, Easter Sunday. The first two days of the protocol is actually called loading which requires you to eat a ton of fat so your healthy fat reserves are full before you start your low calorie diet. Since then I have been dropping weight like crazy. It is evident that the fat is coming off of the fat reserve areas of my body. My upper arms, inner thighs and stomach shrunk first and showed some extra skin but they are firming up.

Simeons' protocol is titled Pounds and Inches for the reason that it seems to not only deal with weight but your body also reshapes and shrinks back up as you loose. There have been two periods in my 50+ days of HCG where I haven't lost weight for 5 days. The most recent of which was this week. My body seems to pause and reshape for a few days and then keeps on loosing. And even though I held to the same weight for days. Today I dropped 2.8lbs in one day. Somehow it all just evens out.

So where am I headed with all of this? I am planning on using this protocol for at least another month. I am down 58lbs on HCG and I had shed 14lbs before starting. Bringing my total weight loss to 72lbs, I would like to be down 100lbs before i stop. Giving me about 30ish more pounds to loose before I put the HCG away. I should say that once I am done with the HCG low calorie diet part, Simeons' protocol has two other 'parts' which take a few weeks each to complete. (I will discuss them in the future as I get to them.) After I finish all parts of this diet I plan to be back to the lifestyle I started before HCG ever entered my life. (I do plan on more gradual weight-loss after this.)

I do not want to bore you with too much info at this time and I am sure over the next week or two I will share more about my HCG journey. I do know that anytime I have been successful with a diet and loosing weight people have wondered, "what are you doing?" and a handful have tried the same thing. So keeping that in mind the last part of my post is for anyone who wants to know more about HCG.
How to do it, what supplies you need, etc.

1. First off HCG is really for people that have 20+ pounds to loose. If you don't have at least that much extra weight on you don't even try.

2. Second you need to read up on what you are getting yourself into. I recommend reading Simeon's Pounds & Inches booklet. It was written for doctors to help their over weight patients loose weight. So there is a bunch of doctor speak in it but it is all good info. And it includes the diet and the DO'S and DO NOT'S. I follow it exactly the way it was printed and it works. The guy spent his whole life working on a cure for obesity and over 20 years working with HCG there are reasons why he says to do or not to do things. So I trust and obey. Download and read for yourself for free. [This protocol must be followed to have great success, messing with it will ruin your results.]

3. Also feel free to check out people's you tube testimonies, do a search for "hcg diet before and after pictures" on you tube. example:

4. You will need support. I joined a great group on yahoo called HcgDieters. It has been around for 4 years and has some very experienced members who are incredibly helpful and full of insight. They have a files section full of info and help. A photos section full of before and after photos of people who have lost tons of weight(very motivating) and a Live chat room to talk to people as well as posting questions and reading info via email. They have close to 20,000 members so you are not alone on your journey. If you subscribe to email updates choose to receive the digest or your inbox will explode with messages. Check out the HCG Diet Group

5. You will need supplies. I love and buy most things online. To be helpful I made an Amazon store filled with the supplies I have bought to help me with this diet. Check out the store I know it costs a few bucks to get started, but you save tons of money by not eating other food. And you can buy this stuff elsewhere, I just used this as a handy way to make a list of stuff. Here is an alternate link where you can even order the shots & supplies instead of the oral drops. (I have not used the shots). I originally ordered my first bottle from HCG Homeopathic Weight Loss Method. I ordered hCG Homeopathic 12x, 30x, 60x - 2 oz (60 ml). They worked great.

6. If you decide to start this, I recommend stocking up on chicken, fish, lean meat, shrimp, etc. I pre-weighed them and put them in ziplock bags in the freezer to make it easy to pull it out and make. etc. BTW Walmart does carry 96% lean burger in meat trays. The palmyra Walmart has it more often then the lebanon one. (whodathunk!)

7. I also use a website to track my eating and keep my calories inline. I use fit day. It is free! sign up! I have made my diet journal of food & weight public you can also view that on fitday. Please note that i have been using fitday for 7+ years at various times in my life so not all the custom foods you see on the left side of my page are being consumed by me now, they may be from past diets.

8. Don't do this if you are not committed to it. Be mentally prepared, you may need to not eat anything at parties, work, etc. It can feel really odd going to a party and eating nothing while everyone else does.(I have done this a lot) Also check with your doctor. BTW, we checked with our family doctor, who gave his ok to the diet. He wasn't sure about the HCG actually helping me loose weight cause he thought the low calorie diet would do it just the same. He saw nothing wrong with the food I was gonna eat etc. But i know the HCG lowers my hunger and releases fat and when I go to see him in June. I can not wait to see what he has to say.

I want to thank you for hearing me out and going on this journey with me. Having a support group of over 1000+ people that I have tried to be accountable to has made this a doable journey. Is HCG gonna be the rest of my life? NO! Is it a quick fix? YES! Does it work? Oh my, YES. I have lost an average of over a pound a day for 50+ days, lost 3 shirt sizes and am back to wearing pants I haven't worn in years, even my sweat shirt from 20 years ago! I have every intention of stopping this and moving back to my permanent lifestyle change in a few more weeks.

If you are interested in pursuing this for yourself, check out my web links and join that support group. READ READ READ. Feel free to ask questions of me. Drop me an email or send me a message on Facebook. If you want someone to supervise you I also have heard there is a lady that works out of the Curves in Cleona that helps both men and women with HCG. You might want to look her up.

2,850 words, oh my!

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