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DAY#5 - Progress Check #1

I am thinking of taking one day a week and making it a progress check for me. I usually have more time on a Saturday or Sunday since I do not have to work so I am hoping to make my check on one of those days. On progress check day I am gonna weigh myself and hopefully measure myself and put a report on my page as to how I am doing. So I dug my frenemy, 'Mr. Scale' out of the garage and placed him on the floor in the kitchen and hopped on. 350, not bad down 3 pounds in 5 days. I am on my way! When I went to measure my body, 'Mrs. Tape Measure' looked all too eager sitting in my wife's sewing kit and I almost denied her. But I eventually gave in, measurements are as follows: A15, T25, C60, W60, H52. It was painful enough posting them. You can figure out what it means.

My attitude is good right now. I am sleeping better at night, already. Amuses me that just a few changes in my daily routine have ushered in results. So far I have just made some adjustments to my lifestyle. Most of the times I 'Diet' I charge full steam ahead on a grand plan, trying the newest diet craze. I am not saying that I am not headed towards a more structured diet, but it has been a while since I have done a course correction so as one poster to my facebook page said, "baby steps" to start.

This week I stopped eating after supper. No snacks at night is a biggie for me. I drastically have reduced my carb intake. No candy or dessert like objects. (I cheated on this one on thursday nght i had 5 reese's pieces :) ) I also tried to recognize my stress/emotional eating and curb that. I did well with the exception of yesterday when one of my children totally ripped the top rack of the dishwasher off its rollers. :) It wasn't intentional, but the idea of paying for reapirs when wanting to spend money on other things and just 'life' in general was enough to send me on a eating binge. I recovered quickly with a small piece of left over chicken breast and a handful of sunflower seeds :) Not proud that I ate anything, but happy I stopped a lot quicker then i have in the past. More prayer, less food.

I know by the nautre of what I am doing I am allowing you to be a 'voyeur' to my life. I am doing this to face my fears and share my experience. In part to encourage others, but also help myself. In doing this I may relate some half-specific stories in my posts. The dishwasher calamity would be an example.

You have my permission to ask me any questions about my lifestyle change/diet that you wish. However, when I mention a situation about my family that I am sharing as part of my dieting story, I would like it to be for information about me and my actions only. I do not wish anyone to ask my kids or wife, "So who broke the dishwasher?" My intent is to share with you the situation which drove me to eat and not punish my family in any way. I thought perhaps I would just write "there was situation the other day" but that sounds way too ominous. So I am choosing to reveal the situation but not the person involved. I am sure you all understand and I thank you in advance.
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