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DAY#144 - Phase 3 -Week 1 Summary
Today completes my first week on Phase 3 (P3) of my HCG protocol. Things seem to be going well. My ultimate goal for P3 is to keep my weight within 2lbs +/- of 233lbs for at least three weeks. I am 33% of my way there. My weight has done great this week. I have stayed in my boundaries pretty well and as of today i am 2.5lbs below my LDW which is not perfect, but rather a little under than a little over.

I will need to bring my calorie intake up a bit to stay within my 2lbs. and insure no more weight loss for now. My weight has been active this week going up and down within 233 and 230. I am hoping it will pick a number this next week and level off. Here is a chart of what my week of weight looks like:

the blue dashes across the top is my 233 last dose weight. so i want to stay between 2lbs over or under that and as you can see I have been living in the 2lbs under for this past week. I am hoping it stays this way, but we shall see.

So for people doing HCG this next part is for you. I know my biggest question in Phase 2 was how am I gonna make sure my hard work from phase 2 doesn't go down the toilet in Phase 3. I wanted to hear from others what they did so I could take some advice and do similar. Here is the skinny: I went to several calorie intake calculators on the internet to figure out what my calorie intake should be for a person of my height/weight/age/gender. I took those numbers and averaged them to come up with a calorie goal. My goal for now is 2600 calories. I then started my first say of P3 with 1500 calories. Going from 500 to 2700 seemed like it might kill me so i decided to ease in. I picked 1500 calories because your body will go into starvation mode with less than 1500 (if not on HCG). I then increased my calorie intake over 4 days to hit around 2600. Right now I am increasing this number by 100 calories to see if i can stabilize without loosing any more weight.

I then read a ton of posts about what works best for others starting Phase 3 and it seemed like most said very similar things. High Natural Fat and Proteins and Low carb to start was good. So I set a goal based on that to consume 60% of my calories from Fat, 30% from Protein and 10% from carbs to start. And of those 10% of carbs I am trying to keep sugars from the carbs at 5% of my total. Since fat calories are twice as much as protein calories. it equals out that i eat the same amount of grams in fat as I do protein. My goal for P3 is to gradually increase my carbs weekly and decrease my fat and follow that through to Phase 4.

I had also read that many people do not tolerate fruits very well the first week of Phase 3. So i cut back my fruit servings to 1 fruit per day for my first week and today I increased it to 2 servings and I hope to increase it from here on out. But I will take this day to day as I make changes to be sure my body is happy.

I also did something crazy I got rid of I had been using for the last 7 years to track weight loss and calories when dieting. But i found a new site in the last two weeks I like better. It is slick the food, looks up are easier and i like the planning. And I even downloaded the iphone and ipad apps. I highly recommend it and I even joined for the year to take advantage of extra reports etc. (the basic web page is free) I do plan on counting calories for a year or until it becomes second nature to me in my head so I can just do it without thinking.

So what do my meals look like? For breakfast every morning I have 2 scoops of Jay Robb Protein shake(sweetened with stevia). I love pina colada. I put it in about 5oz. of heavy cream, 7oz of water, about 7 ice cubes and a tablespoon of benefiber. I blend it up for 30 seconds and drink. YUM YUM. This is a calorie heavy meal with lots of fat & protein and sets up my diet for the rest of the day and keeps me feeling full for a long time. (no hunger).

For lunch and dinner I have doubled my meat portions to at least 7oz. and increase my veggie content and variety. My wife made grilled veggie ratatouille the other day and it was killer good, i claimed all the leftovers and ate them over 3 days. For snacks I have tried macadamia nuts and almonds or a handful of celery. All have done me well. I even tried 1oz of cheddar cheese. I have not gone wild with cheese yet cause i have read that it makes some people gain so I am being cautious and watching.

I have remained very 'anal' about phase 3 as I had been about phase 2. I pretty much pre-plan my days worth of food the day before. I loosely add all my food into mynetdiary and get an idea for what i can eat when. This crazy control is actually liberating and doesn't leave me being surprised by eating too much too quickly etc.

I am continuing to take my Phase 3 supplements. Pancreatrophin PMG 90 Tablets and Standard Process Hypothalamus PMG 60 I have never done phase 3 without them so I do not have anything to compare them to. However, I believe they are helping cause I have had no major weigh gains or bumps yet.

I also bought a few specialized ingredients I am hoping to incorporate into my regular eating habits shortly. I bought some coconut flour and almond flour to replace our wheat flour at our house and I also purchased some new cookbooks to educate myself on their use. I am excited to experiment and i will report back to you shortly.

I posted a new page of Phase 3 products I have bought for people looking for Phase 3 stuff you can find my them at my HCG phase 3 list page.

thanks for supporting me by reading my blog. I wish you all well!
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