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Today it Atkins day. I start my new lifestyle by cutting carbs and eating protein and fat. This is a spur of the moment fly by the seat of my pants idea.

Thanks to Dan VanVleet our co-pastor who has lost a bunch of weight doing Atkins and my doctor who wants me to take a dose of Diabetic Meds I am now an Atkins man.

I started off by going grocery shopping. I spent a ton of money on meat, eggs, cheese and some veggies. I am stocking up. Supposedly I can eat as much meat as i want along with some veggies and no more than 20 carbs a day.

So the fear in me that i will be unsuccessful has me eating a pound of bacon and 6 eggs. Crazy, yes I believe so.

I really think this might work, and I have had an interesting dream about it. we shall see.

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