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Trusting in God will provide the greatest reward.

This is a hard one. I took a few minutes to pray today and as I was praying the above statement hit me. Not like I haven't heard it before, but it came as a very good reminder to me and at the perfect time and I needed to hear it, today. I had talked with some friends this past weekend about our incredible head knowledge we have in Christ and what know we are called to do as Christians. And just like an unsaved person who knows the plan of salvation until we move our knowledge from our head to our heart it is pretty useless.

As I thought about our conversation a bit more, I think the word that was missing was trust. I think we don't take all of our head knowledge and apply it cause we don't trust God enough. Now I am not gonna go into a whole sermon on this issue, but I have decided it is all about trust. If we really trusted God and His word it would be FACT in our lives and if it was fact we would act on it in confidence, but instead we trust ourselves, taking matters in our own hands.

I don't know about everyone else but, I can't believe I trust myself and my ways over God's cause I know what a big bozo I am, and I am definately not to be trusted. So today I find myself wanting to and knowing I need to trust God more.

so be it.

Zoo & Zipper

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Went to the National Zoo today, got there at 7:00am. Got to see the Panda's grazing that was cool. Saw a ton of other animals. The worst part is that the small mammal house smelled like our cat's litter box on a bad day eeesh. The best part was they have a system of towers that go from one part of the park to another which allows the Orangutans to travel from one habitat to another via ropes which connect the towers, they cross the park basically swinging high above visitors heads. the ropes and towers are so high they do not leave go because they fear falling. anyway perhaps i didn't explain it well but it was cool.


When we got back to the hotel the kids were playing zoo & pirate ship and during the course of play Caleb fell into the door between our bedroom and the living room and gashed his head. Ended up at the emergency room with some staples in his head. Which kinda look like a zipper. All in all he is fine but is afraid people will laugh at him. I said, "I think, people will think it is kinda cool." Just glad he is OK!

Two from vacation

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see the sniper on the roof of the White House, to the left of the flag, he watched us the whole time. Being the freak I am i was whispering things to him, like: I know you are listening to me with your super sonic listening devices, just wave your hand and acknowledge me. Hey, I know your watching common just one wave. When I turned around there was a cop standing 10 feet behind me smiling. They know me, I am probably in a file somewhere. ;)


This is from our night time trip to DC, we took it all in after dark. climbed the steps of the capitol building, did the vietnam memorial, lincoln memorial, drove passed a bunch of other stuff. Ran around the reflecting pool. no crowds, easy parking. Got back to our hotel close to midnight and realized we had not eaten supper. The only thing that was open was wendy's which was run by the jamaican bob sled team. They need to stick to bobsledding cause the food was, um, bad.

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