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food fight results

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Took some of the teens from our Sunday Night Bible Study on a mini-retreat. Had a food fight, it was fun & messy.



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got my free psp delivered on friday. not that i need one or want one, but free is usually good, right?
so well i am a believer.

I have two friends who are very close to finishing up there free stuff. If you want to help them while helping yourself to something free follow the links below.

1. Free iPod -- Only need two more people to sign up. very close.

2. Free MacMini --Also Only need two more people. very close.

ok well that is all for now.

I know this matters to you, but if you search Google for "flabbergasted gallbladder" I am the top two sites listed.

I am 16th on the list if searching Google for Brian Smith, which out of 23,600,000 results 16 is not bad.

there is you fact for the day, and thanks to some obscure person who posted to my blog for that fact.


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