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me and babycakes

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This is my newest picture of me and babycakes. She is currently, my favorite baby. She is a very good girl. She has two teeth and is now starting to crawl slowly. Enjoy the pic.


ok, so i was wrong

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about the election. But no matter, BUSH won! Stayed up till 4am hoping for a decisive victory, no such luck. However, I did get a bunch of work done. Paterno lost so I do feel a small victory, but I can not believe that snake Arlen Spectre is going back to DC.

My Predictions

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Ok, here are my predictions for the election. I see it coming it at 269 Bush, 269 Kerry with the vote going to the House which will in the end elect Bush. And because i am a troublemaker I hope the senate goes democrat and votes Edwards as VP.

If Bush wins then God has shown incredible mercy and grace to the US. My gut says that Kerry will win and the US will get what we deserve.

I will be happy however if Paterno or Spectre loses.

scott paterno email

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From: Brian Smith
Date: November 1, 2004 11:18:43 AM EST
Subject: sorry

I will not be voting for scott paterno tomorrow, I am tired of getting phone calls blasting tim holden.
I have gotten at least 1-2 a day for what seems like forever. Today the W called me and told me to vote for scott only to get another phone call within a minute blasting holden both paid for by your campaign.

So tomorrow my wife and I will be voting the whole republican ticket minus Paterno and Spectre. Paterno just cause i am tired of your negative phone calls, you would have had my vote. And Spectre cause he is an old liberal creep in sheep's clothing.

brian smith

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