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I Blew it

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Well after 90+ days of following the Atkins Induction Phase I fell. It was a calculated move. I talked with my wife about cheating and eating carbs, she agreed that I should. (she feels i am too obsessive about carbs anyway) So from 8:00pm to 8:45pm I ate anything i wanted. Here i what i ate:

6 assorted 'Boxed' Chocolates(not worth the carbs)
a few handfuls of Hot Chips(I like em, but not as much as I used to)
Handful of Peanuts(allowed on atkins anyway)
Small piece Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Icing(did nothign for me)
Two bites of Cheesecake(not worth it)
Half a Hershey Golden Almond Bar(finally something that tasted good)

All in all the carb binge was not worth it. I found it to be emtpy and meaningless. Afterward i was craving some cheese steak(without bun).

But here are my sceintific findings:
--After eating carbs for an hour my blood sugar went to 140. Within 3 hours it was back to 100.
--I immediately left ketosis, my urine test failed
--It took 24 hours to get back into ketosis
--My weight loss stopped and I gained 3lbs (retained water i assume)
--It took me 5-6 days to get back to normal on atkins. (loosing weight)

It really wasn't worth it. I do not plan on doing it again soon. But my next planned binge I think I am going for chinese food. I miss General Tso.

Darren & Jess

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Darren & Jess are home for the holidays and came over for a visit tonight. Lyle & Michelle came over too. We played Mysery of the Abby and Bang. Two new games I got for Christmas. It was a good night. It is always good to see them and hang with them. Somehow I feel like our visit was cut short. I suppose sometimes when we play games we don't talk as much as we could or should.

Somehow when Darren & Jess play games with us they always end up winning. I think it is some sort of secret cheating conspiracy, but i can not prove it. Once again Jess won Secret and Darren & Shelly won Bang.

Someday we will stop them.

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