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do NUTS!

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Well today I was up at 6:30. I know, it is vacation but there was still work to be done.
Our new vacation house sits right next to Browns at St. Charles Place. Browns is famous for their donuts. Every morning they open at 7am to a line of customers, today was my day to be in that line.

It all started yesterday, I got up around 8:00, we had decided to go to church at Calvary Chapel Ocean City. The second service started at 10:30 so we had time, Shelly hopped in the shower while the kids slept off their vacation excitement. I went out to the kitchen to forage for food when i looked out toward the ocean and saw the line. Hrm, the donuts must be good if there is a line. So I chatted about the line for a minute with my sister and decided i had about an hour I would go stand in line and get some donuts for everyone before church.

When i got to the line I was person number 20ish+. I stood in the sun and gazed out at the ocean and listened to other people talk. It was about 8:30 and I had till about 9:30 till I needed to get back. There were hundreds of bikers and runners/joggers doing there thing. I felt a bit silly cause my only motivation for being on the boardwalk this early was to buy some grease soaked donut cakes dipped in honey. Well time passed and the line didn't seem to move. Actually the only time the line seemed to move was when someone in front of me got impatient and left.

I have felt like God has been working on me and patience for awhile now and I was gonna make this situation work for me. Proverbs 16:32 has been my verse for a few months now. 'It is better to be patient than powerful; it is better to have self-control than to conquer a city.' So with each person that gave up I got closer to the donuts. I had also found myself judging them slightly for leaving the line. I kept thinking people today truly do lack patience, Oh well, one step closer. As 9:00 came around I started to watch the person at the front of the line and judge how many minutes it took them to get the order filled. TO my surprise it was taking about 5-10 minutes per person. Holy Smokes! There were still 10 people in front of me. That could easily take another hour before i could see payday. I waited for the next person to get served if it took 5+ minutes I would have to leave empty handed or if I stayed I would miss church. And I wasn't gonna miss church no matter how good a greasy honey covered donut might taste.

Well it took the next person 5+ minutes to get their donuts, so I left and went back to our house empty handed. When I got back a took a shower, got dressed for church, got the kids ready and ate some breakfast. I then looked at the donut line from our balcony and the lady that was in front of me inline was still waiting. Good call. Perhaps the people that left the line were not impatient they were just wise. hrm.

Btw I glad we went to church, good service, nice people.

So today I woke up and looked at the clock it was 6:30 I made the decision to get out of bed and I tried to wake caleb to go with me, but he would not budge or wake. So i went out to the great room to get my shoes on and looked out at the beach and saw on the boardwalk there were already 3 people in line. Holy Smokes! I thought, I better get a move on! By the time I got there I was number 5 in line. I waited till 7:00 and then i waited 20 more minutes for the 4 people in front of me to get there donuts. When I reached the window I finally figured out that what takes so long is that the donuts are made to order and by the time they get put in the box for you they are only a minute old. So not only are they lard soaked and sugar coated they are also still steaming.

I ordered 2 dozen. 6 honey dipped, 6 chocolate dipped, 6 vanilla dipped and 6 cinnamon sugar dipped. I forked over $12.50 for the goodness and headed back to the house. I made myself ( my sister and doug a plate of donuts poured a tall glass of whole milk and delivered them to their bedroom door. I then did the same for shelly and me.

Was it worth it? Sure it was. Did I go back to bed with some donut crumbs on my chin? I sure did. Will I do this all again some day? Most likely.

Ocean City 2005

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