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Walking Walmart

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My exercise solution has come in a weird package. I have been in search of a large climate controlled area near my house to walk. I think walking would be my choice of exercise so I really want to walk.
Even if it was nice outside our road is an awful place to exercise with dump trucks racing back and forth all day long.

So it hit me. WALMART is huge and i can walk there. I counted the ceiling tiles and if I walk all the outer walkways around walmart i can walk a mile in four laps. SO I have been doing 8 laps at walmart a day.

As long as I wlak in the late evenings I am fine. Daytime is too busy and i can not walk fast.

Exercise Issues

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Well along with dieting(oops i mean lifestyle change). I need to start exercising but what can i do? To be honest, I have never wanted to exercise in my life. However if i want to continue to loose weight and improve my body exercise needs to be part of my life.

So what can i do?

Walk- I like to walk. Walking is good. I remember walking at the plaza-mall with my grandma when i was a teenager. We could walk for an hour at a good pace and I got used to walking fast. I think my choice of exercise would be walking. However, the plaza is no longer. walking on the road- bad idea near my house Too many cement trucks speeding past, not enough shoulder. Treadmill is probably my best bet. I would need a heavy duty one that folds for storage and they are a bit pricey. So cost is a factor, cause i am always afraid that i will hate it after a week. Then my money will be down the tubes.

Excercise Bike- this is runner up to walking. I think i could do it. But I would rather walk. And if I have to do a bike I would want to watch tv while i work out. I shall think about this.

Gym- no gym close enough to the house to make it worth my while. I will get tired of driving there. Marty offered to go to the LVC gym with me. This was a nice offer but the drive (30min) is to far.

weights- perhaps, i lifted weights my junior and senior year in high school.

absurd fitness contraptions -- the kind they sell of infomercials. My mom offered me one of her contraptions she bought. One where you walk and throw your arm about wildly in mid air. Sorry not for me.

let me know what you think.

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