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Another Modern Fairy Tale

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Ok, here it goes another one. I also feel like I learned that during World War 1 or 2 that a pilot got shot down over the ocean. His parachute worked saving him from a death by falling, when he landed in the water he hung onto some wreckage form the plane until he was rescued days later. When they went to pull him out of the water his skin had absorbed so much water it fell off when they pulled him out and he died.

OK, is this true? or did the same smarty that told me dogs laid eggs play with my mind frequently as a child. I remember tell some friends this once in High School they laughed at me, but I defended it till they could barely catch their breath. Somewhere inside me I still believe this is a true story too. Where did I come up with these things?

By the way I also googled: 'man at sea looses salt water swells flesh world war' nothing. Except it offered me a Sausage making book as the featured search for products. scary.

Dog Lays Egg

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If I saw this in a Supermarket Tabloid, I would probably believe it. For some reason something has been programed in my head since I was a kid that there is some sort of dog that the female can lay an egg. Every once in a while I think about this and wonder if I am crazy, if some adult told me this as a joke and I believed them or if their is a species of dog that lays eggs. So for whatever reason, perhaps talking about Easter this memory triggered in my mind today and I said to my wife "I need to look this up." So i quickly, feeling foolish, googled: can a female dog lay an egg and i didn't see much. So I suppose female dogs don;t lay eggs, none of them. Not even funny looking dogs in far off places. Hmmmmm, someone told me a big fib when I was a kid.

Well things are starting to pay off. I have hit 5 people for my ishuffle (i only needed 3) so i posted another friends link and they have enough people now. So I am on a third person helping them get a shuffle.

here is there link(help my friend out, and tell me that you did, and I will help you next!):

Free iPod Shuffle

I also need 1 more person for my MacMini: Free MacMini

here is the offer for the ipodiPod

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