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I was sitting on the floor tonight, actually laying and lois was laying on top of me giggling and i was trying to talk and she rolled her big old head overtop of my mouth and for a moment i could not speak or breath I was just kinda suffocating on her hair. In that moment i was thinking about how much I love certain things and i wanted to share.

1. I love lois when she knows moses is about to come into the living room she runs towards the gate on her tippy toes. She can also run like a wild child at times and is now nicknamed crazy legs.

2. I love caleb and his excitement with his hand me down bikes he likes to ride in the grass in our back yard. I must say he can somehow get more grease on his hands in one day then i have had on my body my whole life, heh.

3. I love miriam and her work ethic and the fact she is a night owl like me.

4. I love Shelly and the fact that most of the time when i want to spend money on a crazy scheme like buying time share(no i did not) she will be excited for me and want me to be happy. even though she somewhat rolls her eyes.

5. I love ruth, she is one pretty little girl and a clothes fiend. I can not wait to see how much money she costs me in clothes in the next decade.

6. I love elsie, she has my sense of humor. The poor girl is condemned to a life of sarcasm. :) She has a heart of gold like her mom.

7. I love lois and when she is tired she will crawl up on my lap as i work and make a nest and go to sleep. I also can not believe at 17 months she tells me that she wants me to turn on a kids show for her.

8. I love miriam she is quick to laugh and have a good time.

9. I love ruth and how she is a flirt batting her eyelashes and acting as cute as can be while she secretly tries to sneak a pen into the other room by hiding it in her pants.

10. I love that i got to work with caleb this week on his F words,we did sentences like five fingered fred farts.

11. I love that shelly will fall asleep on the sofa holding ruth & lois while i work at night. Ruth & lois both will sleep on top of shelly and sometimes our cat sniff will make his way onto the sofa too. Can't help but make me smile.

12. I love that when i am having a bad day, that elsie always tells me she loves me and tries to cheer me up.

13. I also never thought i could be so proud and excited for my children as i watch them swim in their races. I am not much of a sport fan but when my precious ones are swimming their hardest I am overcome with some sort of sporting father syndrome and can't help but be happy and excited for them, GO, GO ,GO!

There are many more, but these are a few of the things i thought of tonight. I am a very lucky man.

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