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I called the surgeon this morning and scheduled an appointment to meet. August 4th was the earliest available. I was a bit disappointed that it would be another month but I gave them my info and that was it. This afternoon the doctor office called back and offered me an appointment next week. The nurse said after talking to the doctor about my case they decided to move me up. Supposedly they will be able to operate within a week of my appointment.

And for those of you wondering if this has anything to do with my low carb diet. Yeah, it probably does. Doesn't that stink? Here is a bit of Dr. mumbo jumbo from the atkins site.

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found your site while searching "flabbergasted gallbladder" hehehe go figure. i lost 50 pounds and now have gallstones, but i wasnt on atkins, just weight watchers. go figure, we just cant win. i wonder if you are still going, since this post was from last year.

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