Dog Lays Egg

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If I saw this in a Supermarket Tabloid, I would probably believe it. For some reason something has been programed in my head since I was a kid that there is some sort of dog that the female can lay an egg. Every once in a while I think about this and wonder if I am crazy, if some adult told me this as a joke and I believed them or if their is a species of dog that lays eggs. So for whatever reason, perhaps talking about Easter this memory triggered in my mind today and I said to my wife "I need to look this up." So i quickly, feeling foolish, googled: can a female dog lay an egg and i didn't see much. So I suppose female dogs don;t lay eggs, none of them. Not even funny looking dogs in far off places. Hmmmmm, someone told me a big fib when I was a kid.

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