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Well today got busy quick. For some Sunday is a day of rest, but not at GMA. We got up early and headed down to our booth to await the arrival of our first customers. It wasn't long till we were scanning barcodes and talking about our products. Many of the promoters that we work with during the year and only see at GMA were here. There were a few snafu's, most notably the GMA messed up our barcode that we had printed on entrants badges. The badge holder they designed for Gospel for Asia had a website logo that overlapped our barcode, so the people at GMA decided that they would cut our barcode in half. This messed with what I had originally agreed too, so after a nice talk with our friends at GMA we are going to be doing barcodes on next years badges and they will be done right.

The barcode badge issue was disapointing but our promotion where we scan tickets we placed in entrants bags still got our message across. Every entrant got a barcoded ticket in their bag with a unique barcode printed on it, only a handful when scanned rang up as winners of an iPod Shuffle.
Since the shuffle is a hot item to own, it was a bunch of fun to scan the tickets people brought to the booth. Danny was in charge of scanning, and did a fine job.

At 4pm we closed the booth down for the day, since we had not eaten anything all day we were both pretty hungry. We headed over to the Salem Fiesta Fun party at the Taco Company. We each got two tacos and a bunch of drink and all the chips & salsa we could eat. We sat with Bill & Kathy Graining who run Alive Festival in Ohio, listened to some acoustic sets which included Buddy Greene. After that we headed over to Graham Central Station for some rock show Danny wanted to see, spent an hour there then headed back tot he hotel changed and went to Sunday Night Worship.

Sunday Night Worship was lead by Micahel W. Smith & Darlene Zscheck & the girl from Watermark. Neddless to say like every year it has been the BEST WORSHIP service of my life. Smitty does worship well. And who wouldn't like to sing Shout to the Lord lead directly by it's writer. After that amazing experience we walked about 4 blocks down to rocketown, stopped by the Hilton to make sure our banner was up(which it was). The banner's hugeness over shadowed every other banner in the building. (nice)

Rocketown had two showcases going on at one time. Word of Mouth & See Spot Rock. To summerize, the best band of the night in my opinion was subseven, they had a great show, followed by Stellar kart, KJ-52, the rest of the bands were ok. Danny and I made off with $40 hoodies from see spot rock. After a disappointing set by The Wedding, I yawned and realized it was time for bed. I headed back to the room and left danny to watch the rest.


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I am so glad you got to see my two favrites on Sunday night. I would have given anything to see Michael and Darlene in worship. I am some what jealous. I know you had a great night. I think they are so awesome. Michael can really speak to people.Thank God for the two of them. Well.\\,. love you son. I am so thankful you got to worship with them both. love, Mom

subseven... Tanna and I are fans of them. We saw them in Chambersburg with East West and have been fans ever since. I'm glad to see you guys are having a good week. Can't wait for the stories.

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