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Well that phrase sums up my day yesterday. As my fellow traveler Danny pointed out it was a very amusing/interesting day. We left my house in Lebanon about 4:15am got about 5 minutes away then turned around and went back, I had left Danny's barcode shirts on the bench inside my front door. After correcting my mistake we were off.

The day was overcast for half the day and bright sunny for the other half with rain interspersed throughout. A few interesting things. 1). I got a speeding ticket in VA. (thank goodness they are cheaper than PA and no points) 2). An old lady and her husband almost ran the WJTL van off the road, I swerved into the shoulder of the road to avoid a fatal accident. 3). People from PA would beep and wave at the WJTL van no matter where we were. 4). We saw a motor home pulling a car, not unusual however, they had a stuffed clown with a mask sitting in the front seat of the car holding the steering wheel like he was driving it with a sign that read, be careful when passing me, I am pushing this motorhome.

We arrived in Nashville 11.5 hours later and turned our clocks back an hour making the trip only 10.5 hours. We got our room and moved in. However the room they gave us was only 2 in the whole hotel without internet. I figured this out in 30 seconds. We immediately changed rooms and all was right with the world. After a small rest time we drove around nash and ran an errand or two.

The thing that amuses me is I am only in nash once a year, it is amazing how many things change in a year. I guess I take that for granted in Lebanon. They are going to be bulldozing the NIpper's Theater where I used to watch movies when I lived in Nashville. It was brand new when Ji, Bruce & I moved to Nashville and now they are bulldozing it to build some store. go figure.

We came back to the hotel, I did my email(most of it). I also set up all the scanners in our room, buying a surge protector was a good idea. I also hated to mess up Pam's wrap job she did to all the cords in the box so I figured out how to plug them all in without unwrapping them. and took a nap. We then walked down to the row of shops down form the hotel, found a restaurant and ate some food.

We then walked back to the hotel and went to bed.

So far the trip has been good, Danny is a good guy to hang out with. After spending a few hours in the van we got to a discussion where it occurred to me that he wasn't around for half my life and is really 15 or so years younger than me. (like he was born after the space shuttle blew up, and after hands across america) It didn't feel that way. I then had to give some thought to is he just more mature for his age? or am i immature for mine? or perhaps it doesn't matter.

**The title comes from a billboard along the highway in TN. Just three words and a phone number. People are funny, who in their right mind would put that on a billboard? and my other thought is what man would do it?

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Wow, what a full weeekend already! Your title was very very disturbing. : )

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