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I shall call today Laurie Anderson day. Laurie Anderson stopped by the both and visited us for a bit. It was good to see her, She has been working hard and exercising and eating right. She was able to show off her new trimmer slimmer waistline. I am very happy for her.

William Morris Lunch had frozen coffee drinks, To be honest, I never had one before. I thought well if it is free it is worth a try. I had a frozen frap, very good. After finishing up at the booth, Anita Crawford, Bill, Nick, Danny & I went for Ribs at a local rib joint (the one from saturday). We had a good time and great food. When we got back we went to the ERACE foundation concert sponsored by True Artists. Hands down the best event of GMA, Holy smokes. I can't even begin to describe the things that I saw and heard. (people were calling their friends on cell phones and holding them int he air for their friends to listen to. Let me say that Phil Keaggy kicked butt. Tommy Simms was great. Nicole C. Mullen and her husband did a duet. And more and more and more followed by TobyMac in his Diverse City Glory. Was honored when Laurie let us sit at her reserved table at the front. Worth every second. Afterwards Danny went to the indie spirit showcase and I went to the room to pack so we could get out of town ASAP in the morning

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