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Went to the Y and got measured for Body Fat today. I was not pleased with my results. I did drop another percent in body fat so I am heading int he right direction. However, Somehow according to the measurments I also lost 6lbs of muscle. Six pounds of muscle! Holy Smokes. For the alst few months of bpdy fat measurements I have held my own or gained muscle. This is the first time I have lsot muslce. The was and is distresing to me.

It causes me to wonder if my experiment of leaving my weightloss plan for two days and going back to strict atkins has in the mean time left my body eating muscle. Well whatever happpened it no good. I only want to loose fat.

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Brian, I am encouraged by reading your site and looking at the pictures. I am myself trying to lose weight. I am only at 10.5 lbs now and it is not very easy. Congrats on your accomplishments

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