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Despite my body ailments & pain, this evening was mulch night. The only good news is shoveling mulch does not involve sitting. I borrowed Doug & Cindy's Truck, a Beautiful Black Ford F250 extended Cab(Making my Mennonite neighbors jealous, I am sure.) Managed to get 4 scoops of mulch distributed to flower beds around our house before nightfall. Bad news is it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow and we probably need another 2 scoops of mulch to finish the job.

Mulching became a family work project this year. The kids saw the mountain of mulch on the truck and had the need to climb and conquer. I gave them toy sand shovels and rake and put them on the back of the truck. As I scooped off the back they kept push and digging the mulch so i could reach it. They worked hard doing two full truckloads of mulch before getting tired. When they were done they were covered with mulch from head to foot and stained black from the damp wood. (I should have taken pictures) I took a very long time to get them cleaned up. I even had to use Q-tips to get some mulch dust out of Caleb's ears. Not sure how it got in there.

I feel bad for my wife because every year that we get mulch we some how run short and something doesn't get done. This year I was gonna make her happy and do everything, but the rain will stop me dead in my tracks.

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