Pork Rinds & Levi's & a Large T-Shirt

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Well as predicted the mulch project was stopped short due to heavy rains and a flash flood. So we decided to make the best we could of a rainy Saturday and go shopping. We had gotten some special coupons in the mail from JCPenney and decided we would go see if we could find some deals. Shelly and I both need shoes. I need something other than the one pair of sneakers I own and Shelly needs some comfortable walking shoes. I also have been in need of some good looking T-shirts. My current selection of clothing is sad, and I fear that it could take a long time and a good bit of money to build up my clothing supply so I do not need to keep washing the same outfits over and over again.

So off to JCPenneys, but which one? The regular store in Lebanon or the Outlet Store in Reading? Perhaps both? Well Shelly suggested we go to Lebanon first and check the place out and then go to reading if need be. Then I had an idea, if we go to Reading we need to make a side trip to Cabelas in time for lunch and grab me some pork rinds. This made the whole trip sound worthwhile to me. So off we went.

JCPenney's in Lebanon proved to be amusing. I found a pair of shoes I liked and shelly found some sandals. Then I went to the men' s section and for fun decided to check out the Levi's. (Why this is fun I am not sure, but it was). With my eventual goal of owning a few pairs of Levi's I thought perhaps I should try some on. But which ones? Levi's makes a ton of different jeans. So I took a few educated guesses and grabbed a few pair I thought might fit including a pair of 501 button flys and headed toward the dressing room.

To my surprise I was able to nicely fit into a pair of 501's size 36x30. They were just a hair snug but I imagine that if i loose a few more pounds they will be perfect. This was a monumental moment for me. I know that sounds crazy but in High School 501's were the thing to wear and regretfully I could never have a pair cause i was too big for them. But not anymore, the 501's fit me pretty good and for a moment I considered purchasing them. But Levi's are expensive and I figure I would not wear them for the rest of the summer anyway. So I saved my money for a few pieces of cheaper clothing I can get use out of right now. Also I am not sure that I want to own a pair of button fly jeans, there is a pair of Levi's out there for me. I am just not sure they will have a button fly. I suppose my best bet is to find a store in the fall with a big supply of Levi's and find the Levi number that fits me best.

After Penney's Lebanon we headed to Cabelas for a Pork Rind feast. I have been thinking about these pork rinds for a few weeks now and the cravings are getting stronger daily. The closer we got to Cabelas the stronger the taste of Pork Rinds got in my mouth. We finally arrived at Cabelas, arriving at the store was like an approach to Disney World. The driveway is a multiple lane highway filled to capacity with cars streaming into the parking lot which was sectioned and marked like an amusement park parking lot so customers can find there car after spending there whole day looking a outdoor gear.

I waisted no time and pulled up to the front of the store and went to the little Kettle Korn Hut and waited in line in the rain for five minutes. When I got to thee counter I found out they ran out of Pork Rinds yesterday and that there new shipment had not made it to them on time. BOOOO HOOOO. What an awful thing. I finally begged the people behind the counter for a phone number so I could call them and ask before making the drive again. MAJOR Disappointment.

After Cabelas, it was a short trip to the Reading JCPenneys. There I found a few new T-shirts and to my amusement I found one in size Large that I was able to wear. My guess it was cut big to begin with(I am really a XL). But since I haven't worn a Large shirt since my Middle School days I was amused and bought it($4.99). This left me feeling better about my trip to Reading.

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