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It was a dreary day at the beach. Kinda cloudy and windy with a threatening look of rain. We decided to go out to eat, but where? So we started looking through menus & flyers to find a good place to eat. Finally a small ad for the rain forest cafe caught my eye.

When we were in Disney world two years ago we ate at a rain forest and had a good meal in a fun atmosphere. So we decided to give the rain forest cafe a try. The rain forest was located in Atlantic City next to Trump Plaza. When I called and got directions I was instructed to park in the Trump Plaza parkign garage and make our way to the board walk.

Everything went easy until we got parked and realized that in order to get my mom and her wheelchair to the boardwalk we needed to plow through the casino in order to catch an elevator. (The rest of the options were escalators)

I had never been in a casino before in my life. It was a bit amusing and scary. I also had never seen more old people in my life, not even in a nursing home. All those bright flashing lights and sounds didn't cover up the desperation I saw in some of the people's faces.

Anyway, once in the cafe we had a great time, good food and fun atmosphere with lots of gorillas, monkeys, elephants, butterflies & tropical rain storms. If you have a chance to try it the rain forest is a fun place to eat.

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