Tough Decision

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Well I have been planning on taking a break form my low carb diet while on vacation. But I decided not too at the last minute. I know I am free to leave my low carb lifestyle anytime I want, but I am pretty determined to spend the week without carbs.

I thought I might regret my decision but for now I am not. Today we went to Sweet Impressions, after spending a few hours at the Cape May Zoo. To my surprise Sweet Impressions carried 4 different flavors of low carb ice cream with 3 net carbs in each . I tired moose tracks and raspberry swirl.

Well I fell in love with moose tracks. Very yummy and worth the 3 carbs. Now I just need to find low carb moose tracks near our house. So if anyone sees it at the store. drop me a note. So I can buy it.

So Sweet Impressions and Moose tracks made my Low Carb week at the shoe much easier. IF you get down on route 9 in NJ. I reccommend sweet impressions. They are the best!

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