Sunday Night

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Sunday Night was great. The youth came over about 5pm. We hung out ate some food and talked about the youth group on Wednesdays. The last two months have been tough with a brand new baby and some scheduling conflicts, but tonight was good.

When we took off for a few Sundays to have Ruth I left them with an assignment to meet separate from us(Shelly & I) and come up with a few goals for our Wednesday Night youth group and once they wrote down the goals they were supposed to come up with some questions they could use to evaluate wether or not we are meeting those goals. Well finally two months later we are getting around to following up on that assignment. Tonight I took those goals and assembled them on a sheet and had each person in the group evaluate our group with three different perspectives. How is our Bible Study living up to those goals, how are the leaders living up to those goals and how is our Youth group in total living up to those goals.

I am excited to see what the surveys have to say about us as a group. We will be taking off for the next three weeks due to vacation, father's day and Creation. So we will meet again in July. My goals for July are to take a look at the results and have a few SUnday Night Group Bible Studies talking about and looking to the Bible for solutions to make our group better. We shall see what happens.

Afterwards we went outside and hung out for about a half hour before it was time to say goodbye. The kids wrestled in our front lawn and played music in the driveway. I couldn't help but to think that my neighbors were amused.

Later, Lyle, Dave, JJ & Bekah came over and played games. It had been awhile since JJ and Bekah were here and it was good to spend some time with them.

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